The Number One Reason For Weight Gain

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About 39 percent of world's population was overweight in 2014. The percentage trend is steadily increasing.

It is bad.

When I was younger, I used to eat lots of food and still stay lean. I thought it might be my genetics or the metabolism was fast. I used to enjoy all the foods I loved and everyone was jealous of me.

Naturally, I grew in life. My height and weight too. At one point, my height stopped growing, my metabolism dropped due to less physical activities.

Happy woman celebrating weight loss

Happy woman celebrating weight loss

One thing remained with me "“ the eating habit. It was tough for me to stop that. I kept eating too much. People used to literally call me to eat if they had more food during festivals.

The belief was "“ Rohan could eat any amounts of food. My proud eating moment was going to come to an end. And my belly become big and I was fat.

We hate our belly becoming big. We start to wear loose clothes and blame it on genetics. It is easy to do that way. The last time you checked your weight "“ you probably promised to do something about it and yet you did nothing.

Let's find out what we can do"¦

Laziness in Exercise

Studies suggest we tend to less prioritize our health over other things like office work, kids responsibilities and other chores.
We have equal times "“ you, me and Dwayne Johnson. We all work, have kids, have doctor's appointments and many other stuffs.

You have to make a way for your health. Ignore it and then at old age, you will regret your decision. Start now, start small and you will benefit for lifetime.

The Reveal

Studies suggest intake of sugar's over long term is linked to weight gain. And we love our Starbuck's coffee, Mcdonald's coffee and dunkin donuts.

Most of us eat them at the breakfast. We are doing ourselves more harm than good.

You may argue "“ it is guilty pleasure. We all need to enjoy good food.

You can "“ if you do exercise to control your body weight.

Most of us ignore doing daily exercise or do it at less frequency. The result being "“ we keep on taking sugar and its products, our weight keeps on increasing and we keep on complaining.

Diet Versus Exercise

We need to lose weight.

The best way to do this is by using the combination of diet and exercise. 80 percent of the results comes from dieting and 20 percent from exercise.

Exercise should be used with an intent to grow strong and develop muscle.

Dieting should be used to eat less fats, sugar and increase protein intake. This will help you in lowering your waist size and grow healthier over time.

Dieting Debunked

Dieting doesn't mean eating less foods. It means eating foods with less calories and carbohydrates. You need to target foods like soya bean, egg white and water-melon.

Each one of us has a different daily schedule. You shouldn't expect to lose weight by doing exact same things your friend did. Results vary, diet vary and exercise vary too.

When you move above the competition spirit, you go into self-discovery mode, you grow.

Exercise Debunked

We have high expectations, we love to try for the greater things.

This attitude is nice, it might land you success in different fields of life. This won't work in fitness though.

Sorry to break your heart. The best tip in exercise is to start small and have the bare minimum expectations. For example, start by doing 5 pushups daily and your expectation should be to do it 5 consecutive days.

You move ahead from there and set little higher goals and exercise module. This keeps on repeating forever.

Only You

Yes, you want to lose that weight, gain weight or get bulky "“ you can do it.

The biggest barrier is starting. The second barrier is impatience. Start now, be patient and keep on working. Remember whether in weight gain or loss, your diet plays an important role.

Go to a dietician now and get your diet. Follow it religiously, you are bound to see results down the road. The only way you don't get results "“ when you stop it in between.

Resolution doesn't work. Motivation does – most of us need it daily though. Buy a fitness CD, share on facebook your fitness goals, stay committed and success will be yours.


Sugar intake has an impact. Control it from the beginning "“ or start now and reap rewards later.

Or maybe you can take control of your diet and be proud of your body. Next time your family goes to beach, you would roam topless with a smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart.

How else you can lose weight/gain weight? Tell me in comments.

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