Tap into your inner Goldmine

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is in you a virtual gold mind of resources. Today I want to share how
amazing you are by reviewing the inner resources you have available to enrich
your life. You are made up of your body, your thoughts, your feelings,
and your spirit or Higher Self. Each of these aspects contain a variety
of assets. The goal here is to help your fully see how much you have
available inside to manifest the life you want. Take this information and set
yourself on a course to realize your dreams and desires. Now is the time
to make things happen. Are you ready to fully step into the power within?
Your inner gold mine includes the following:

  1. The body is the vehicle for your travel
    in this life. You can take care of it and help make it healthy
    and strong for your journey. In the body at a cell level is the entire
    history of life on the planet. Carl Sagan wrote that in each cell
    we have enough information to fill a series of books. We have such
    amazing body wisdom. To say we don't know or lack the information
    we need is false. Then there are the instincts that are often primitive
    yet powerful. The gut instinct is an example of the knowing within
    us. Listening to the gut and following that knowing is always beneficial.
    The instinct for survival is another awesome resource. This survival
    power is so forceful that if necessary you could lift a car off you or
    journey thousands of miles to get to safety. Did you know on a particle
    level the body totally rebuilds itself every year? You have much
    more ability to alter or heal your body then you probably ever realized. Be
    the power and wisdom of the body.


  1. The mind is a total power tool. You
    can use your mind to plan, learn, dream, imagine, brainstorm, process ideas
    and insights and so much more. The mind works best when you are
    able to use and control it rather then letting it run you. A quiet
    focused mind is a real asset. Your think about 30,000 to 50,000 thoughts
    a day and about 80-90% of those are the same as the day before. Yikes! If
    your thoughts are limiting, negative, blaming and critical then don't
    be surprised if your life isn't going well. Since you are going
    to repeat these inner messages go for ones that are positive, encouraging,
    accepting and supportive. You will feel much better. Your thoughts
    greatly influence your experience of the world. There is a life time
    of exploring you can do with the power of the mind. Start now to
    become an expert at shaping your reality. Abraham Lincoln said, "People
    are about as happy as they think they are."
  2. The center of feeling is the heart. Feelings
    are inner signals about how you are doing. If the feelings feel good
    then you are on track; if you feel upset or low in energy then you have
    lost your way. Your heart provides you with a feedback loop you can
    count on. Let's keep this simple so you can use this feedback
    loop to your advantage. There are two basic feelings: love and fear. Love
    is the expansive, open, receptive state and fear is the closed, contracting
    and reactive state. In all of your interactions you are either expanding
    or contracting. You are either open or closed. The heart will
    always give you accurate information about whether it is right for you
    to go forward or hold back. The more you pay attention to the heart
    and your emotions the less you will create suffering for yourself and others. The
    power of the heart was very clearly stated in Montgomery Alabama in 1956
    as Martin Luther King begun the fight for integration, "we must seek
    an integration based on mutual respect. As we go back to the buses,
    let us be loving enough to turn an enemy into a friend. "
  3. Spirit is the life force in you. Your
    spirit/Higher Self existed before your birth and continues after you life
    ends. This is the part of you that is the source of your purpose,
    your personal mission in life. When you plug into the power of spirit
    you access all the universe has to offer to assist you in accomplishing
    your purpose. Everything you need to succeed is available to you. Creative
    inspiration and intuitive knowing come from this source of higher knowing. The
    part of you that is beyond the ego and personality, beyond the thinking
    mind and beyond the body is your spirit. There are no limits to your
    spirit. As you explore greater depths of union with spirit; as you
    access this higher self you experience true joy, deep peace, infinite wisdom
    and pure love. This is living in the full possibility that you are. "And
    when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align
    with the power that manifests everything in the universe" Deepak

This review of our inner powers is a reminder of something
you either know consciously or unconsciously. Reminders are valuable
to keep you humming at your highest level of performance. Take these
ideas and go for a fun spin through life. You will be glad you took
the time to tap into all that you can be.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. for over 30 years I have explored and
help others explore living life with purpose, passion and the fullest realization
of our potentials. I am on a mission to spread peace and consciousness
so we can all make a positive difference in the world. You will find
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