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After some discussion with readers and some friends I have decided to take
the ads on the sidebar off. Instead I will run with Google AdSense and
Kontera ads which are less intrusive.

You will see over the next few weeks a double underline on some words which
offer ads for various products and services. This is from a company called Kontera which
offers in-text advertising.

I think these will be easier on the eye and it gets rid of most of the ads
on the sidebar which were a distraction to some readers.

I took this decision based on readers comments and e-mail
feedback and I feel it is the right decision. However, I am a semi-pro
blogger and would like to make money some way from the blog and Google AdSense
and Kontera Counterlink offers the least intrusive and possibly best way to
do this. I hope this will make 'Changeyour thoughts' easier on the eye
and does not distract from the content itself.

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