Update on becoming a professional blogger

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becoming a professional blogger

Update on becoming a professional blogger

Its been 10 days since I wrote the post ‘Help
me become a professional blogger’
.  Briefly, I have agreed
with my wife that if I can pay off our mortgage I can become a professional
blogger.  I am doing this be selling my eBook and
hope to sell 20,000 copies.

eBook sales are pretty abysmal to be honest and I have only
sold 11 altogether and that was mostly down to Leo from  thanks
Leo.  And thank you to everyone who has bought the eBook so far, I hope
you have enjoyed it.

The numbers:

Original Target


Target on 6th April 2007


Savings from work


Savings from Blog Consultancy


Google income


eBook sales (minues affilaite




New Target


I am always thinking of ways to make more money and I have
signed up for some affiliate programs that I think will benefit you as well
as helping me, like agloco, ebooks, review Me etc.  I think over time
these strategies will work in my quest to becoming a professional blogger.

Until the next update……

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