Sunday Siesta August 30th

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I Missed last weeks Sunday Siesta as I was busy working on the blog's new theme and getting it ready. However Sunday Siesta is back this week with another 10 great personal development posts.

Can You Slow Down – RobinEaston – Just a beautiful post you have to check out from the lovely woman that is Robin Easton.

The best ways not to sweat the small stuff – RatRaceTrap – Stephen gives us Part II of strategies you can use not to sweat the small stuff. In this article he lists 10 strategies or questions to ask yourself to realise what's really important in life.

sunday_siestaVirus Protection For The Mind – Steven Aitchison writing for ZenHabits – Blatant self promotion, I wrote a guest post for Leo over at ZenHabits and it was well received.

Don't Let Yourself Get Pushed Over – Timeless Information – Do you let other people walk all over for fear of upsetting them. Armen gives you strategies to use to stand up for yourself.

Procrastination Thumbscrews – SidSavara – Sid speaks about his procrastination issues and lists several issues he has to deal with daily. I think you will recognize some thumbscrews yourself.

Should We Have Compassion For Killers – – This was a fascinating conversation regarding the release of the Lockerbie Bomber which I did not agree with ? even if he was a scapegoat, he still held up his hands to it).(

Lost in a Sea of Identities – Guest Posts from Zeenat Merchant-Syal BunnyGotBlog – Zeenat speaks about living simply and forgetting about the material things in life and stop trying to emulate the celebrities who cover the magazines and TV.

Using Anchors to Reach Our Inner Power – DragosRoua – Those familiar with NLP will know exactly what anchors are and how powerful they can be. Dragos gives us a run down of what it us and gives us his own take on how we can use anchors in our lives, this is a great post from Dragos.

Which Road Should I Take – MrSelf Development writing for PickTheBrain – A guest post from MrSelfDevelopment speaking about the dilemma of choices and how we can overcome this. Look out for a guest article from MrSelfDevelopment next week.

How to construct your Ideal Personality – HiLife2b – John's writing is getting better all the time and this one is about emulating someone to obtain the personality traits you desire.

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