Studies Now Find That Introverts Are Way Smarter Than Extroverts

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Scientists are always studying something or someone or some group of animals or people trying to get the most accurate answers for you, the inquisitive soul. The latest study? Let's pick apart the ongoing battle, introverts versus extroverts. This last one, however, may give the introverts an upper hand. Apparently they are more observant and quite possibly smarter?

I use the word smarter, really only to get your attention. It worked. Whether or not they are smarter is still up for debate but what studies DID find is that introverts see things way more accurately than their polar opposites.

introvert_extrovertWe already know that there is a really big difference between introverts and extroverts and perhaps a little animosity between the two groups as well. The introverts considered the social misfits of society, maybe even the submissive employees and the extroverts the social butterflies, the movers and the shakers.   These are the labels placed on them but we also know that those aren't so true anymore. The more we look into introverts the more we realize they may actually come out ahead in social standings against the extroverts.

What's going on?

It's no secret that introverts are quite happy up against the far wall in the room with a cup of tea or nice glass of fine wine. They would rather observe their surroundings. The extrovert likes to get right in the thick of things and try to take it all in. The result of that is the introvert was able to check out things, good or bad, that the extrovert totally missed because they were too busy having fun. Now imagine if someone needed to get information about that evening. The extrovert wouldn't have any answers. They were too busy socializing and not really paying attention to what was going on around them. The introverts know exactly who you are talking about and can describe them right down to their shoes and maybe even the colour of their socks too.

I am your fearless leader

The recent studies also show that because of introvert's careful and unassuming mannerisms, they make great employees and bosses too. They pay attention to every detail and leave no stone unturned. They like to think carefully before making any decisions or coming to any conclusions. Because of this, they make great leaders. They can most likely be trusted, respected and even admired for their calculated ways and patience. Extroverts also make great leaders but more for the go go go team. They are action packed high energy motivating leaders. The movers and shakers with a voice. Oh they're good, real good, but I think the jury will be out for a while deciding on who the better leader is. In my opinion, they would probably both make great leaders.

More credit please.

Surprisingly enough, people still think that all introverts are withdrawn (though many are but extroverts can be too), shy and awkward and would prefer to follow, but never underestimate them. They can be powerhouses when they have to be. Introverts are of ten misread or misinterpreted simply because they lay low and would rather not be seen or heard but they have a wealth of knowledge bottled up. If they trust you, or like you enough, they may even share some of it with you. But you better be nice to them. They aren't easily swayed and will clam up if they don't like or trust you.   The extroverts may lean toward a tendency to brag a bit more becoming a bit loose lipped and because of this tend to lose a bit of credibility. Introverts know that's not always the best way.

So are introverts smarter than extroverts? Not really. They just have different ways of handling and seeing things. They are both smart groups, really. Calm down extroverts, we love you too.

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