Spirit Guides: Making First Contact

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So you have heard and read about Spirit Guides and how they can provide you with advice from the spiritual realm to help you make big decisions and guide you in times of challenge. But perhaps you don’t feel like your Spirit Guides are communicating with you?

We gather our team of Spirit Guides around us before we are born, when we are at one with the spiritual plane and the needs of our future selves are known to us; knowledge we lose when we incarnate into the physical plane. Your Spirit Guides have been with you from the beginning, and have been guiding you and sending you messages, though perhaps you have not recognised them for what they are.

Have you ever avoided a certain street because it gave you an inexplicably strong feeling of danger? Have you ever had the answer to a difficult problem just pop into your head and known that it was right? Have you ever felt your attention drawn repeatedly to a certain number or word? This can be your Spirit Guides communicating with you, sending messages directly to your subconscious, or nudging you towards decipherable signs in the physical world.

But now you feel like you would like to deepen your relationship with your Spirit Guides from a vague feeling to a stronger connection, you would like to recognise your Spirit Guides and their influence for what it is, and be able to actively call on them when you want guidance or reassurance?

While every Spirit Guide relationship is different, there are some steps you can follow to open yourself further to their presence and deepen your connection with the spiritual plane to better hear their messages.

Invite you Spirit Guides to play a more direct role in your life

Your Spirit Guides are already playing a role in your life and trying to guide you and keep you from harm. This invitation is more about you, and signalling to both your Spirit Guides and yourself that you are ready to be more actively engaged with them.

Find a quiet space where you can relax and clear your mind of the turbulence of the day. Focus your mind on sending a clear message to the spiritual plane and make the invitation by sending the words with your thoughts. How you frame your invitation is up to you, but you could try something along the lines of:

‘Spirit Guides, I invite you into my space and into my life. I am grateful for the help you have given me, even if I have not always recognised it for what it was and would like to build our connection.’

Repeat this several times and then close your communication. After that, it is a matter of being patient. Your Spirit Guides will respond in the right moment. Do not force it, just wait for their sign.

Repeat this invitation on several occasions. Once you feel happy that you have communicated this message with gratitude in your heart, you can change your invitation to specific questions that you would like answered.


Sometimes the messages that our Spirit Guides send us can be difficult for us to recognise as we are overrun by our internal monologue. Meditation is a good way to quieten our internal voice so that we can better hear the messages of our Spirit Guides.

There are many ways to practice meditation, and many guides and courses available for those just starting out. As a basic place to start, meditation is about clearing your mind of active thought. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit undisturbed. Begin to breathe deeply but normally, focusing your attention on your breath. Then proceed to try and clear your head of active thought. This is extremely challenging as our brains are constantly sending us signals, memories and associations. Do not get frustrated that this is happening, simply recognise the thought for what it is, white noise from your brain, and put it to one side as you continue to focus on your breathing. While meditation may look easy, it is extremely difficult for those just starting out, so start with just five minutes, and once you can handle that extend it to ten minutes, and so forth.

When you are in your meditative state you may have a thought pop into your head that feels different to the others. It may have a strong resonance that your thoughts do not normally carry, it may sound like it arrives in a voice other than your own, or it may feel like a direct answer to a question you have asked of the spiritual plane. This can be your Spirit Guides communicating with you.

Be Present

Rather than communicating directly with our subconscious, sometimes our Spirit Guides will send us signs in the physical plane. They will nudge us towards seeing the same number sequences repeatedly, or you will encounter names, people and places that make strong associations in your mind.

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to see and recognise these messages as we have built up walls of distraction around ourselves which block us from receiving messages from the spiritual plane. In order to better receive spiritual messages, we need to break down these walls by being more present in the here and now. This means minimising distractions, such as time spent on our phones, and focussing our attention on what is around us, looking at our surroundings, acknowledging the people we encounter, and really listening to others when they are trying to communicate with us.

Manage your expectations

Unless you have a deep connection with the spiritual plane, your Spirit Guides are unlikely to appear to you in a clear and obvious way, like happens in the movies. It is very difficult for the spiritual and physical planes to communicate directly, which is why the messages we receive are subtle, they are feelings, signs or synchronicities. With time as you embark on your own spiritual journey your contact may become more direct and obvious, but when starting out be patient and realistic.

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