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Are you miserable? You may be a little unhappy, especially about some aspects of your life. But are you feeling stuck? Or do you feel like you have fallen into the pit of unhappiness?

You will surely have your share of bad days. But take them as they are. It may not feel good at the moment. But you have to surpass them so you can feel better tomorrow.

sex_lies_successHow well do you know happiness?

Children probably know this better than adults. With kids, happiness is being handed with a balloon. If you were handed a balloon, will you be jumping for joy like a child would. You probably wouldn't.

But perhaps to appreciate your life better, you can learn from a kid.

Happiness can sometimes come in small surprises. It is about appreciating these simple joys that could give you bigger ones.

Happiness is not about having oozing sex appeal and being attractive. Rather, it is way beyond physical. In fact, even the sexiest men and women alive may not be as happy as you may think.

What do happy people have?

Tell me the truth, have you actually seen or met someone who is truly happy? If you have, you better stick around them. They can rub off some of their positivity to you so you too can feel that strange, light feeling free from fears and worries. These people can show you how to be happy when life hits you badly!

Did you breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Did he or she cheat on you? Aren't you just itching to take revenge?

The idea is tempting and some people do give in.

Take the case of Holly Jacob's ex boyfriend who posted her nude photos and other incriminating videos on a revenge porn site during the aftermath of their breakup. Now, this may have made the dude feel a little better, but as for Holly Jacobs, it was a nightmare.

Not only did she have to go through the breakup, but she was also forced to face a publicly humiliating event. If you were her, what would you have done? In these cases, it may be difficult to take the high road but it certainly isn't impossible.

Holly Jacobs is feeling much better now. She got over self pity and today, fights for a better cause. That is speaking in behalf of women who have been violated in the same way that she was, urging lawmakers to make rules more stringent to protect women against such violations over the internet.

Lesson learned.

Aside from opting out of cameras and videos when you are naked, the lesson here is to stand, dust yourself off and move forward. Chances are you are not the first person who has experienced being done wrong by someone you trusted. But you can make an effort to be the last.

Happiness is a choice.

Holly Jacobs and countless other women and men who have stumbled upon their own life horrors have chosen to be happy. And you should too.

Rather than wading through the darkness of revenge, you can let go of your fears, inhibitions and worries. You can feel lighter physically, emotionally and spiritually. Although you may have made a few bad choices in the past, you can take the lessons, be better, and move forward.

Happy people are unstoppable.

Happy people are healthier. They are more productive and successful not only with their respective careers but also with their personal relationships.

Does this sound impossible for a person like you?

The truth is nothing is impossible. That may sound like a copy from a popular sport shoe brand but it actually speaks the truth. And the road to happiness can be much simpler than you think.

Make the choice to be happy.

Abandon what makes you unhappy. Follow your heart. Do what you love to do without caring too much about what other people may say or think. You are not living to please them. Live for your own happiness.

Be positive. Wear a smile. Do one thing a day that makes you happy.

Remind yourself about the things you are blessed with.

So, what choice are you making?

Choose to spread the lesson so that others may learn how to be happy too.

Share your story, your secrets and together, we will find a way to be happy!

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