Saturday roundup 7th July 2007

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Saturday roundup 7th July 2007<meta name="keywords" content="best blog posts, blogging, affiliate marketing, steven aitchison, business blogging, earnings from blogs, blog money, make money online, "><br> <meta name="description" content="a roundup of everything on my blog in the last week.">

Saturday roundup 7th July 2007

Before I start I would like to take a moment to remember the victims of the London bombings on July 7th 2005.

It seems the world has not learned as the recent Glasgow and London incidents have proved. Glasgow is not 17 miles away from where I stay and I never thought I would see such extremist behaviour in Scotland.


As you can tell I am back from my short break away. We went to Whitley Bay and stayed in a caravan for 4 days. It pissed with rain every day, the main complex closed on Wednesday due to flooding, our dog barked and kept us awake the whole of the first night. However we had a great time and it was nice to get away and spend some time with my family without a computer and, on the whole, without a TV.

I learned a few things whilst on my break. One is that boys will fight when in enclosed spaces and the other was that Life is a set of mind tricks which have to be learned. I have already started a post about this which I will put up next week.

Big Thank you

A big thank you goes to:

Laura Young from Dragon Slayers guide to life for filling in for me whilst I was away for the few days. Her article Becoming more disciplined was well received and was a great addition to the blog.

Aaron Potts from Today is that day who also filled in for me whilst I was away with another great article: 3 Mind hacks for powering up your health. Again this was well received and a great post for the blog.

Carolyn Manning for linking to me here

Jarle Husefest for linking to me here

Matt Birt for linking to Laura's article on the blog here

Stats and Earnings – Ranked 120,121 (117,322)
RSS subscribers – around 830 (875)
Technorati rank "“ 11,065 (11,040)
Earnings "“ Around $20 from adsense and Amazon

Stats this week have not been too high compared with previous weeks. However I have been concentrating on affiliate marketing using Amazon to bring in some money. I have also thought of an idea which could bring in an extra $100 per week. I will let you know when I have implemented the plan and how it goes.

You can see more about my affiliate marketing plans over the The Blog Consultant

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Thank you for continuing to support this blog.

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