Online earnings for June 2007

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Online earnings for June 2007

A lot has happened since last month and the blog and other online activity is going from strength to strength. I am not close to paying off the mortgage and becoming a professional blogger but I am a few steps closer.

I have started affiliate marketing and diarised the events over at . So far I have lost about £50 doing it which I consider quite well for a newbie. I have read and re-read the following 4 e-Books:

Day Job Killer

Google Cash 3rd Edition

Adwords Miracles

Affiliate Project X

I believe this will add, eventually, to my blog earnings.

I have had two more reviews for this month, one which I have posted already at:

One of the reviews was ordered through ReviewMe and the other was ordered direct from my Advertising page. This brought in $180

I have also had 2 new text link advertisers on the site which brought in another $60.

I am still managing a real estate blog which brings in $600 per month.

Total blog income for June 2007 is $843

Source of revenue

Income for June 2007

Blog Management


Google Adsense


Text Link Advertising




Affiliate Marketing




Amazon Associates






I have dropped Kontera and AuctionAds as a source of revenue as too many readers were complaining about the intrusiveness of Kontera, and AuctionAds wasn't making that much and I decided to try with Amazon Associates.

Last months earnings totalled around $178, however I hadn't factored in the blog management job I had as a direct result of this blog, so it would have been around $778. So my blog earnings have gone up about 15%. If I could continue this for the next six months I should be earning around $2100 per month, another 6 months would mean $4800 per month.

I have also managed to get a part time job at the Strathclyde University tutoring adults for a summer program for a course entitled "blogging for beginners". This may also be another source of income if it comes off.

Multiple streams of income

When I first heard about multiple streams of income, I always thought it was too much hard work to set up. This has not been the case. I have set up streams of income along the way and it's only hard work if you think about them altogether and managing them. However it's not as difficult as it seems when broken down.

At this point I have to apologise to the poeple who do not like the money side of this blog, however it is a part of what I do and I have to say is one of my main motivators. As a source of personal development money helps all of us. With money we have choice, with choice we have more freedom, with more freedom we potentially have more happiness, with more happiness the world looks different.

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