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One Amazing Way to Get Content Ideas For Your Blog and Social Media

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One of the questions I am asked the most is: How do I get content ideas for my blog and social media platforms?

I am going to show you 1 way to do this that will literally give you content for the rest of your blogging life.  Not only that but it will give you content for ALL your social media platforms.

The ONE Big Way to Get Content Ideas For Life

It's so simple you're going to kick yourself if you haven't thought about it already.  Are you ready….


That's it, you answer questions from your email list, from your Facebook followers, from your live shows from websites, everywhere where someone is asking a question in your niche.

So how does this work.

Here's a great example I used the other day on my Facebook profile page:

image of post on facebook for content ideas

You can see from that one post on my Facebook profile there were 16 questions from 1 person and a bunch of other questions from around 12 more people.  That's a whole lot of content ideas.

So the first question on that list was: Can social media marketing really help my business?

I turned this question into a post and wrote 5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business 

Another great way to get questions

Use your email list to gather questions from your subscribers.  Make the email simple and use google forms to collect your answers.

Here is a sample email:

Subject line: I could really use your help with this….

Hi {first_name}

I really want to help you grow your online business, it's something I'm really passionate about. 

To help serve you better I would love it if you could answer this one question:

If you could have one question answered about growing an online business, what would it be?

You can reply to this email or click this link to fill in your question

Thank you so much 


To get questions for content ideas: What you do is create a simple form in Google Forms and put your question in there and set up a spreadsheet to collect the answers.  This will take you about 5 minutes to set up on Google Forms and voila you have a form that can be filled in quickly and you will collect answers automatically.

Of course you can take this a step further put a link to the form on all the social media platforms asking for questions and even have a sign up box on the form to let readers know when you have answered their question.  AND you could also add a link at the end of the form going to your program.

Use is an amazing place to get thousands of questions in all different niches.

So picture the scenario.  You're looking for blog content, or Facebook live content, or video content for your social media platforms and you're a Facebook pages expert.

You can got to, type in the topic 'Facebook Pages' and up pops thousands of questions that people are asking.

image of

The image above shows you what's at the top of the question list for 'Facebook Pages' topic.

Some of the questions might be a little bit out there, but you can see the huge potential this method has when trying to create your social media content strategy.

Another cool thing about Quora…

You can use Quora to answer the questions in the form of content, save the question link, and go back to it once you've written the answer to the question in the form of content.

That way you can drive traffic back to your social media sites and gain new followers, fans and subscribers.

Are you starting to see how big this could be?

A live show on this topic


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