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Taking the NoFollow off

I have decided to take the "˜NoFollow' attribute off the comments. Basically
this means that anybody that leaves a valid comment will get a link from a
PR 5 blog.

The original thinking behind the NoFollow attribute was to disregard any link
that had the NoFollow attribute for pagerank purposes. This was to combat
the growing problem of spammers leaving messages and getting credit for it,
so in effect it would reduce the number of spammers leaving comments. However,
to date, I have over 16,000 spam messages eaten by SpamKarma which
shows it is not stopping the spammers leaving messages.

I have tried to use the TopCommentators plugin
to encourage readers to comment however it keeps messing with my blog so I
have taken it off. So I have resorted to taking the NoFollow off after
a bit of research on the subject.

So now you can leave a valid comment and you will be linked to and get credit
for it. However I police the comments on my blog very closely and will
delete comments I feel are there for the link, so no "˜nice blog' comments

I have used the sem-dofollow
To take care of taking the NoFollow off. It was really
easy to install and I have used a lot of Seimi-Logics plugins before and
trust them.

Feel free to leave a comment about this

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