$3500 to sell 500 copies of an eBook

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for the first affiliate to sell 500 copies of my eBook

currently have 4 affiliates selling Change your thoughts: the eBook. As
you know from Help
me become a professional blogger
I am trying to sell 20,000 eBooks
to pay off my mortgage and become a professional blogger. To date I and
the affiliates have sold 13 eBooks. So it's going to take a while
to pay off that mortgage using this method. So as an incentive I am offering
a challenge :

The first affiliate to sell 500 copies or more of my eBook: Change your
thoughts: the eBook will receive a $2000 bonus as well as $1500 in commission
so that's a total of $3500 for selling only 500 copies of an eBook. All
other affiliates will receive $3 for every eBook they sell.

I will have a leaderboard for the top 10 sellers and will update you each
week on the top sellers and progress of the sales.

So far the leader board looks like this:

Leo Babauta Zen Habits 9
Steven Aitchison Steven
Brian Lee Genius

This is without promoting the book. I am now starting to do some promotion
work and really trying to push the professional blogging.

Its easy to become an affiliate and easy to buy the eBook which has some great
information in it for changing your life. Why not become an affiliate
and start selling it on your blog or website and be the first to sell 500 and
collect the $3500 prize.

To buy the eBook please click
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help pay my mortgage off and become a pro blogger

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