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I have just added a new forum to the CYT stable in the hope that readers and contributors have a common place to meet to discuss anything on personal development.

I did start a forum earlier this year, which attracted over 250 members, however it was on a different platform, the Ning platform, and I felt it didn't really work for what I was looking to achieve.   The new forum is a more traditional forum and everyone will recognise the format and it will be much easier to join.

Sid Savara gave me the inspiration to use the Simple:Press plugin for the forum as he and Srini Rao have used it for the BlogCastFM forum.   Once I had seen how good it looked at BlogCastFM, I decided it was time to get my own forum, which was one of my goals before the year end.

Growing the brand

The brand of CYT has been steadily growing over the last year with the addition of new books on Amazon, a new website at, a new podcast at CYT Podcast, and now a new forum.

Unfortunately concentrating on growing the brand has meant a little less time for writing articles, which I love doing.   However, I now have the core of the CYT brand and know where I am heading so can get back to writing more articles, guides and guest posting.

I would love to see you at the forum and hope you can use it to help others as well as getting help yourself to help you with life's big questions.

Click Here to Join the CYT Personal Development Forum

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