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What is blogging really? It means a lot of things to a lot of different people; for some it's the chance just to put their thoughts out into the big wide world, for others it's a chance to showcase their music, their writing, their artwork, their business, their skills.   Blogging is so much more than what it was when it first started out in the late 90s.

If you have a business, a blog is a must, because a blog is essentially a website nowadays.

But how do you learn the art of blogging? How do you position your blog? How do you get more people to come and read your blog?

One lesson that will explode your blog

The one lesson I wished I had learned as a blogger to attract traffic, and learn more about blogging,   would be to interview the top people in my field.   Imagine having all the top experts in your field, and readers coming to your blog to listen to interviews or teleclasses, and you were the host.   How many more people would come to your blog? Thousands.

That's what Sid Savara and Srinivas Rao (Srini for short) have done with BlogCastFM


They have interviewed most of the expert bloggers online, and packaged it in a easy way to help other bloggers grow their blog, make money from their blog, get more subscribers, and leverage their blog for your business.

But you will notice when you visit their blogs they have become huge over the last year simply because they have interviewed most of the successful bloggers online – success by association.   They have developed a network of top bloggers, authors, and marketers – how amazing is that.

You can copy their strategy and get the best people in your field and start doing audio interviews, or video interviews and watch your traffic soar.

BlogCastFM Premium

Sid and Srini have put all their interviews online, together with transcripts, action worksheets and mindmaps of each interview and put it into a membership site called

BlogCastFM Premium

Here are just some of the bloggers they have interviewed:

Brett Mckay
The Art of Manliness

This module contains:

  • How he Grew his First Personal Blog to Roughly 1000 Subscribers
  • How he Quickly Grew to  75,000 Subscribers and 2.6 Million Page Views a month in 2 years
  • The  Importance of Consistence Branding and Messaging

Ramit Sethi
I Will Teach You To Be Rich

This module contains:

  • How to  Write a Series that Generates a Shitloa#$# of Traffic
  • The Keys to Effective Email Marketing
  • Dispelling the Passive Income Myth (something you really need to hear)

Adam Baker
Man Vs Debt

This module contains:

  • How He Built Relationships With A-list Bloggers and Leveraged it For Rapid Growth
  • A Fundamental Shift That Took His Subscriber Growth To The Next Level
  • How of  a Blogger Went From 80 to 980 Subscribers in One Week

Dave Navarro
The Launch Coach

This module contains:

  • How to  Leverage a Bigger Blogger's Audience
  • How to Build a Truly Scalable Business
  • How to  Frontload Your Efforts to Develop Long Term Passive Income
  • How  a Blogger Made Five Figures From an Email List of Less Than 100

Scott Stratten
Author of Unmarketing

This module contains:

  • How His Very First Blog Post got 10,000 Readers
  • The Problem with Focusing Your Relationships on the A-list
  • What Goes Into Viral Videos for Brands and Individuals
  • How to Get Your Public Speaking Start
  • How He Used Twitter to Setup an Entire Book Tour

Yaro Starak
Entrepreneurs Journey

This module contains:

  • The  Smartest Thing You Can Do for Your Blog
  • How To  Pick The Right Market/Leverage Your Strengths
  • The  Most Powerful Traffic Technique For Blogs
  • The Blogging Snowball
  • The Compounding Rule of Blogging
  • The  3 MegaNiches of Online Business
  • How Yaro Makes Thousands of Dollars off Single Blog Posts

Now, if you know anything about blogging you will recognise the names above as being expert bloggers.   Sid and Srini have interviewed scores more of expert bloggers, taken their knowledge and packaged it into a premium membership site.

Why I am endorsing this as an affiliate

I have known Sid for a long time as he has a personal development blog, we have worked together lots of times on my own products and he is one of the hardest working people I know, and tone of he most knowledgeable.   Sid is also just a hell of a nice guy and always thinks about ways to give his readers a better experience.

I have spoken to Srini many times via email and will be doing an interview with him soon, again he is just such a great guy.

All the links above are affiliate links for BlogCastFM Premium so I will make a percentage if you decide to become a great blogger, and join their site.   As ever ,as I say to everyone when they buy a product, join now – if you don't like it just ask for a refund – that's how good their site is.

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