Mind Alchemy Final Day

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Mind Alchemy
Update: Please click on this link for more information about The new Mind Alchemy course. All the links to the downloads have now been removed. I would like to thank all 800+ readers who expressed an interest in this course and for everyone who completed the course the first time round, it is becasue of you I could make the course better.


The last few days have been a bit hairy with the blog being hacked and then the subsequent problems with updating wordpress etc.

However we're back up and running again and I'd like to finish off the Mind Alchemy course which was due to finish on yesterday.

I am going to skip the last module I had planned which was going to be about gathering mind mentors into your life.   However, the module was adapted from this post   How you can get help from the most intelligent people in the world and you can read it there.   The reason for not doing this is to tie the course up to it's schedule.   Not everybody wanted to do the course and I am aware other readers are not interested in it.

First things first

I would like to congratulate everybody who has been on this journey over the last month.   I know a lot of you have been participating passively and others more actively, however I have felt a real sense of connection with everyone on the course.   In particular the participants in the Facebook group have been amazing and their support and encouragement to each other was very touching (There's even talk of a meet up 🙂 ).   There were 385 members in the Facebook group and each played their part in making this course a huge success and for that I want to thank you.   I am not going to thank anybody individually but you know who you are and I have expressed my sincere gratitude to you already on the blog and in the Facebook group.

The Facebook group will continue to stay open as I will be using the same group to launch the new course in April/May, and I'd still like to keep in touch with everyone from this group.

The path ahead of you


The last month has been a month of reflection, realizations, insights, tears 😉 and an outpouring of emotions.   I believe that there has been a lot gained from all the modules presented in the course.

We've learned about how important it is to have outcomes in our lives, real active outcomes which are an on going process.   The outcomes module is core to this course and we used all of our senses to engage as much as possible with our outcomes.

We've also learned the massively important fact that our beliefs are not set in stone and that we can change them.   This fact alone and the subsequent learning from the module has the power to change people's lives on it is own.   I think this is one of the most important realizations to ever come out of the field of psychology.

We looked at our emotions and learned that our emotions can take control of us unless we learn how to take control of them.   This was another hugely important module and one of the pillars of the course.

Another pillar was looking at how we all have a different reality and how our realities can be changed by changing our thoughts.   This is another realization

That has the ability to change us in ways we can't imagine.

We learned about relaxation with two modules which had guided visualizations to help with the relaxation process.   These two modules were surprisingly well received with everyone gaining something from them, and I am glad I left them in the course, as I was a bit dubious at first.

We learned the importance of gratitude in our lives, not just surface gratitude but deep down unconscious gratitude which, when practised regularly, can become part of our core personality.

All in all the journey has been amazing for a lot of us and the camaraderie has made the journey all that more enjoyable.

Now it's time to consolidate all the information we have learned and take it forward to really accelerate change.

Today's exercise

You didn't think you were getting away without doing some work did you 🙂

Today it's fairly straightforward but split into 3 parts

What I'd like you to do is to:

Part 1

Reflect on the modules we have covered to date and go back and fill in your life wheel again and compare the two scores.   Everything will be explained in more detail in Part 1 of todays exercise:

Download part 1 of today's exercise here

Download a new copy of your life wheel here

Part 2

Write a few paragraphs on what you have learned over the last 4 weeks and what insights or realizations have you had.

Download part 2 of of todays exercise here

Part 3

The third part of this exercise is to write out a plan for a 1 year outcome you plan on achieving, using all the tools you have learned so far.

Download part 3 of todays exercise here

That's not too much is it 😉


Tomorrow we'll be wrapping the whole course up and getting your feedback on the course and have a look at where we take it from here.

Will speak to you all tomorrow and see you in the facebook group tonight hopefully.

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