Life is About Creating Yourself

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Sometimes the universe whispers subtle messages and you have to make certain you are listening carefully so that you don't miss them"¦

Other times you get a message while travelling on business, three feet tall on the wall in your hotel room that you can't miss because it is right there smack dab in front of you staring you in the face.   You know it is time to listen.

life_is_about_creating_yourselfThis was my experience.

And, interestingly enough, I couldn't agree more with the message on the sign, "Life is about Creating Yourself", but obviously everything happens for a reason and so I must have been in need of some sort of reminder. I realize now that it is one thing to agree with this principle, and another thing to actually do all you can to live by it.   I think that was what I needed to be reminded of that day.

"Life is about creating yourself" is not a principle everyone subscribes to and acts on.   There are many people that believe they have been created with certain attributes that determine who they are and what they will become. They may have decided they are by nature one way or another. Or, they may have allowed other people to define and shape their perception of what they can and can not do.   They may even allow what they have accomplished or not accomplished in the past, to define for them what they are currently capable of.   They don't believe they really have any control over who they become and what happens in their life.   They don't really believe they have the ability to create themselves or shape their future.

However, isn't this one of the most limiting views that people can have?   Isn't there an alternaview we should notice?

Why should we ever let anyone or anything else define our reality?   Why should we relinquish control over creating ourselves and shaping our future when we really do have this ability?

"Life is About Creating Yourself" is a call to action for everyone. It is about realizing that we have the ability to craft and shape who we are and what we experience in this world.   We have the ability to decide what we believe in, what we do, and also how we perceive and absorb those things around us.   We get to choose how we will act on our desires and interests and what actions we take to become that person we envision and desire.   All of that boils down to the reality that we actually do have the ability to create ourselves.   We just have to find a way to believe in that alternaview and act on it.

We have more control than we may have initially thought and the question we must continually ask ourselves is are we taking advantage of our ability to create ourselves?

And, in order to genuinely be able to respond in the affirmative to that question, we have to:

(1) Be willing to do anything and everything we can to determine what our true interests and desire are and where we should be going. We have to be willing to devote the time and energy that is required and ask ourselves those tough questions over and over again until we find our answer.   What is my purpose?   What am I supposed to be doing? What am I interested in? What are my unique skills and what can I contribute?   We have to be willing to figure things out for ourselves.

And then"¦

(2) Be willing to clear away any thoughts that may be holding us back. We have to be open to reprogramming ourselves.

A common barrier for people are limiting thoughts and you have to commit to removing them and chipping away at any thoughts that may be holding you back.   If life is all about creating yourself, then there is really no reason to assume anything about yourself based on the traits you think you inherited.   There is no reason to have any doubts about what you are currently capable of based on what you have accomplished in the past.   You have to be on the lookout for those limiting thoughts that may creep up from time to time and get rid of them. Allow your desires to shape your reality without being limited by what you may have thought in the past was realistic.

And, finally"¦

(3) Be willing to do anything and everything we can to move forward.   Give it our all"¦

Commit to our pursuit and start taking steps in the direction we desire to go.   We have to dedicate ourselves to our journey and this means we are taking actions everyday that will move us in the right direction.   We keep our vision at the top of our mind and everyday we are doing something in support of it.   We are continually making progress and committed to completing the things we need to do.   We are willing to do whatever it takes, to work a little harder and to go that extra mile consistently and continually.

"Life is about Creating Yourself" was my reminder that day in my hotel room.   Perhaps there is a reason that you are also now looking at this same sign. Sometimes we all can benefit from a little push in the right direction because we are traveling down a long road and it can be easy to become tired or distracted from time to time.

We have the ability to take control, figure out what we were really meant to do, believe that we are more than capable of achieving it, and then do everything we know we should to make that vision a reality.   Perhaps this sign can do for you what it did for me and serve as additional inspiration and confirmation of that reality.

You have the ability to create the life you desire. All you have to do is realize that is indeed the case and then continually choose to do something about it.     Life really is about Creating Yourself"¦that is the alternaview.

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