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The shiny new Alter Your Jacket life change free video course has now gone live.   You can get the course by clicking on:


The free course is a set of 4 videos over the space of 12 days and on the 12th days there will be some bonuses just for watching.

As you know I have been working hard over the last 3-4 months working on this and it's finally completed.

Special Person to Thank

I want to take a moment to thank one person for making all this happen, someone who has given me belief in my work, someone who has encouraged me with their comments, someone who has supported me over the last 4 years of blogging….

That person is YOU

Every single person who has read 'Change Your Thoughts', every person who has commented, subscribed, emailed me and everyone how has written for this blog.   I honestly wouldn't have written and produced 'Alter Your Jacket' if it hadn't been for you all – honestly I totally mean that.

Alter Your Jacket

I would love it if you could head over to, sign up and get the free video course and comment on the videos, I think you will love them, not because I made them but for the content.   It would also be fantastic if you could comment on the videos as well (There's some coolgreat prizes for the best comment on each video)

Thank you again for all your support, and I hope to respond to all your comments over at Alter Your Jacket.

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