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I've not written a post in a while, or at least it seems like a long while to me.   I have been in agony with a sore back for the last week or so and haven't been able to sit long at the computer.   I don't know what happened, I was sitting at the computer last week and stood up and the next minute I was on my knees in agony.

Morning back pain

back_painI suffer back pain every morning but it usually goes away after an hour or so.   Not this time, this one was here to stay.   I kept on going though and went into work, took the painkillers, but it was getting increasingly worse and I was starting to look very strange when I was walking, I was bent over and I had a Charlie Chaplin walking style.    On Friday I happened to say to someone at work that my pain was getting worse.   She said she knew the number of the Jan De Vries clinic and said he was excellent.   I had heard about Jan De Vries before and everybody, no matter their ailment had said he was great.   I duly called the clinic in Troon and was advised there was a space on Saturday at 3.45pm.

Meeting Jan De Vries

We drove the 50 miles to Troon, which is a beautiful drive, and arrived at the clinic at 3.30pm.   My wife and boys went to the little coffee house there, while I booked in.   It was heaving with people coming and going but I was seen within 10 minutes of arriving.   I was shown a consulting room and was advised Jan would be with me soon.   I took the chance to look at the hundreds of books that were shelved around the large victorian styled room.   Jan de Vries came in and asked me what he could do for me.   I briefly explained my problem and he advised he would like to take a quick look.   I was led into another room which was filled with large cubicles with Chinese writing on the doors, don't know why I noticed that! I got down to my underwear and lay on my front.   Jan came back in and took a look at my back and said 'oh yes, you have popped a disc out there' quite matter of factly.   Then he said 'we'll get that sorted just now.   He then proceeded to crack my toes, asked my to lie on my back, cracked my toes a second time. He then pulled one leg up and to the side and pushed down hard and did the same with the other leg and said that was it and advised me the disc was still swollen and advised me to take a tincture to ease the swelling.   I looked up, a little stunned, and said 'is that it! are you finished", he laughed and told me it was and left to go into one of the other cubicles.   I slowly got up from the massage table and tried to stand.   I started laughing, I could stand up straight which I had not been able to do for over a week.   I was stunned, I couldn't help laughing in disbelief.   This small framed 72 year old man had fixed a slipped disc within a matter of two minutes, he was like a little ninja darting about all over the place, always calm and in complete control.

The coffee shop

I paid the cost of the treatment, which was only £20 and that included the tincture, and then walked out of the Victorian mansion toward the coffee shop where my wife and boys were.   I caught my wife's eye as I was walking toward her and she looked in astonishment as I walked into the shop, for the fact that I was walking upright and not bent over and the fact that it had taken 15 minutes from going in to coming out.   I was still feeling sore from the swelling and that I had been using other muscles to compensate for the slipped disc but I was upright, it was great.

The knowledge

As we were driving home I was thinking that it must be amazing to have that knowledge of the human body, just to look at someone and tell them what their problem is and how to fix it.   I was feeling a little dazed all night last night and again this morning for the fact that I had met an amazing person with an amazing ability.

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