Interviewing The Coaches – Morty Lefkoe

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morty lefkoe



In this week's Interviewing The Coaches (readers questions) we have Morty Lefkoe.

Morty is the founder of the Lefkoe Institute, which he runs with his wife Shelly

From nearly 24 years of experience working with over 18,000 people in over 30 countries they have found that almost always the roots of a given problem are a set of beliefs formed early in life.

And they've created processes called The Lefkoe Method that literally unwires these beliefs for good. When you go through them you will actually find that you can't believe your old belief any more, even if you try!

Also, all the consequences of having the belief will literally disappear. You will feel and behave differently and these changes will last for the rest of your life.

I have worked with morty personally which I wrote about here Eliminating a Belief in 30 Minutes

Morty is also author of the blog

Elimate a belief for free at Morty's RecreateYour Life site



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