How To Make Going To The Gym Interesting

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I regularly work out at the gym.   My two sons have just joined me and we have been going now for about 6 weeks, 3 times per week.   After a session at the gym whilst walking down to the car one of my sons advised me he got a little bored when going round the gym.   I advised him:

"That's because when you go to the gym, you stay in the gym"

"Eh?" He gave one of those strange looks with a little twist in his mouth.

"Well, I've noticed that you're looking at everybody in the gym whilst you're working out."

"Yeah, what else is there to do?   You just close your eyes and don't open them until you finish your set."

So I told him where I went when I closed my eyes.

gymNot being in the gym at the gym

1. The rowing machine

I am in Australia, China, or Greece and sometimes I am even in Glasgow on the Clyde River competing in the Olympics.   I am an unknown and nobody has given me a chance and I only got through to the final on a technicality.   However the commentators are astounded when I am in the bronze medal position and catching up on the Australians and the great British rowing team.   I can see my wife, Sharon and my two sons jumping up and down and hear them calling for me all along the river banks.

With 200 meters to go I am level with the British team and the commentators are calling this "one of the best races I've have ever seen, and Steven Aitchison is about to go in front." I win the race by about 2 metres and the crowd surround me.   I see my wife's face and my two sons behind her, smiles as wide as the Clyde.

2. The Weights

I find this the most tedious and most strenuous.   With the weights I want to push myself harder and harder.   The only motivation I can think of when I close my eyes is:

My wife and two sons have been held captive by two murderers after being caught up in a foiled bank robbery.   They are in a storage container and they are going to be killed if I don't pass a series of challenges they have set me.   They make me lift weights and use all the different muscle groups on the various machines except I have to do reps of 12 each time and instead of the weights being taken off they go up by 2.5 kilos after each rep.

My face is nearly purple by the end of the 20 minute session but my wife and kids are safely in my arms and the two bank robbers have been safely put in jail with a few mysterious bruises and a broken jaw and nose (violence doesn't solve anything, but it's my wife and kids we're talking about here.)

3. Cycling

I go for the fat burn here with a target heart rate of 165 and the mountain view (you get a nice little picture of you climbing a mountain as you're cycling).

I am in the Tour de France.   I am an unknown and  I hear the commentators talking as I am cycling.   I start off at the back of the pack of 100 or so cyclists but slowly make my way through the pack to reach a breaking pack of about 30 or so cyclists.   The commentators have now picked up on the fact that I am in 30th position and I am an unknown so they start to find some facts about me.

I see my wife and two sons at the side of one of the roads and cheering me on.   My wife places her hand over her heart, to tell me she loves me, and this spurs me on even though my legs are burning up.

I am on the last 2 miles of a 7 mile stage (hey, it's my thoughts :)) and I am in 9th place.   My son's voices are ringing in my ears pushing me a little harder.   I climb to 4th place, the commentators are almost screaming, there's one from Scotland there and he's nearly wet himself with excitement.   Third place, 1 mile to go.   The camera's are on me, I can hear everyone screaming.   I am just behind the second place rider and can see Lance Armstrong in front of him.   The crowd are going wild; the Scottish commentator has passed out.   I am right beside Lance Armstrong as we come to the last 200 metres, he glances to the side and smiles and edges 1/2 meter in front of me, I respond and kick my last kick and we finish the race neck and neck.   Lance shakes my hand and hands me the yellow jersey.

You don't have to be in the gym

All of the above is honestly what I do when I go to the gym and the time flies by and I really enjoy it.   Of course I use other machines but I didn't want to bore you too much.

What do you do to pass the time in the gym?

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