Sunday Siesta – 13 Fantastic Female Personal Development Bloggers

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This is a Sunday Siesta special.

Over the last few weeks I have featured many personal development blogs, but recently noticed that most of them are from the male members of the personal development circuit. So this week I wanted to highlight a few great female personal development bloggers.

sunday_siestaSome of them you might not have heard of but they are excellent writers and bloggers and the information is fantastic. I hope you enjoy.

13 Fantastic Female Personal Development Bloggers – Dr Annette Colby is an intuitive growth expert and is the author of 3 books. Her blog is a great read and is updated every week or so. Her posts are uplifting and inspirational. Here are some of her best posts: – Robin Easton is one of my favorite personal development bloggers. She is funny, a bit off the wall, very spiritual and has a genuine heart. All her posts are a treat to read and she writes a post every 1 -2 weeks, however her posts are worth waiting for. Here are some of her good ones: – Sherri is another great blogger who I met on the A List Blogging Bootcamp. Her posting schedule is every few days and there are some great posts in there. here are some of the good ones: – Lori Deschene writes about how to live a bolder, more peaceful life. Her posts are more personal in nature but all have a lesson to be learned.   Here are some of her best posts: – Tina Su is possibly the most well know female personal development blogger out there and with good reason. Her blog posts are always a joy to read and she has a loyal following. Her design is striking in its simplicity and even though she has been away for a few months she still continues to attract the attention of readers worldwide. Her posting schedule has changed dramatically over the last year but all her blog posts are worth a read. Here are some of her best ones: – Anastasiya Goers is another blogger I met at the A List Blogging Bootcamp and has made great strides in her blogging over the last few months. Her design is great and her writing is conversational in style and always willing to help with a story and a comment. Here are some of her best posts: – Mary Jaksch runs this gem of a blog and guess what, I found out about her at the bootcamp. This is another top blogger in the personal development niche and when you readeher work you'll know why. She also helps Leo babauta run Here are some of her best posts: – Lisis writes this very successful blog with the technical help from FairyBlogMother. Lisis is a stay at home mom and writes for the blog every few days with an emphasis on inner development. Some of her best posts are: – Celestine Chua is another great blogger and one who I admire a lot for her persistence and her work ethic. Celestine wrote a great guest post for Change Your Thoughts 5 Ways To Achieve Personal Excellence and I have read her blog ever since. Here are some of her best posts: – Jenny Mannion is a blogger I stumbled upon last year and really took notice after a post Healing Lesson From The Labyrinth and ever since then have read her long posts with delight. A lovely soul and a great place to visit for a bit of peace and good reading. Some of her best posts are: – Sara is a relatively new blogger I've come across and I can't understand why I haven't seen her writing before, its great. Her blog is all about simplicity and shows us how to simplify our lives. Some of her best posts are: – Rosie Jones – Another blog I recently discovered. Rosie is a very talented individual, singer songwriter, personal development coach and lover of life. Her persona is larger than life. Please do not be put off by the blog design, it's unconventional but there is some great material on there.   Here are some of her best posts: – Melissa Karnaze – Another blog I found out about at the A List Blogging Bootcamp (just shows you the quality of the bloggers who attended). A blog to help you understand and implement the intelligence of emotions in your life. She has a BS in Cognitive Science which she was inspired to take because of the film The Matrix (One of my Top 3 Films of all time) . Here are some of her best posts:

I really hope you have enjoyed meeting some great personal development bloggers and if I have missed anybody off the list I apologize. Please feel free to add a comment with your favorite female personal development blogger and   I will make a list of readers favorites.

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