Guided Meditation – Well of The Wyrd

I have just finished another guided meditation entitled Well of The Wyrd and would love your opinions on it. I have purchased some new equipment to make this one and I think it sounds better then the other 3 I have done here:

Well of The Wyrd – Guided Meditation


Put on a pair of headphones find a quiet place and listen for 8 minutes, or if you want to listen to more of the music and drift off to sleep on it I have let the full music track play for 23 minutes.

The music is a beautiful piano piece from the composer Chris Mullett and the script is from Susan Granquist.   The Well of the Wyrd is a place where you can ask any question and receive the answer from.   You will walk, alone in a forest, but feel safe and secure as those you love and have loved will be beside you.   On the journey you will meet a woman who will take your question and answer it for you in the form of gift.

I hope you enjoy this, I have listened to it several times and by the end I have felt relaxed and calm, and that’s even listening to my own voice, which I hate doing (You know when you listen to yourself on a video or something and say, is that really me, I sound weird, that’s how I felt when listening back to this).

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