10 Beautiful Pieces of Ambient Music

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Music has the power to touch our very souls and none more so than ambient music. I have collected 10 pieces of beautiful music from my collection and found them on youtube and listed them all here. I hope you enjoy these pieces, they really do have the power to transport you to another world.

1. Brain Eno – An Ending Ascent

This is one of my favourite pieces. I first heard it driving from Edinburgh to Glasgow on a beautiful summers night as the sun was going down, it's simply amazing.

2.  Arvo Part – Spiegel im Spiegel

This is another beautiful piece of piano music from the Estonian composer. I remember hearing this on a dark night in 1999 looking out the window over Glasgow city centre and I was hooked.

3. Simple Minds – Shake off the ghosts

Simple minds are not known for their instrumentals but they actually recorded quite a lot of them. This one I heard on a winters night, it was snowing and I was in my girlfriend's house at the time. The lights were out, the orange lights outside showed the snow falling heavily and I was standing at the window alone. It's a moment and a tune I will remember forever.

4. Bach – Sheep may safely graze – performed by St. Martin-in-the-Fields

I used to be one of those people who thought classical music was boring and a bit dull. However, that changed about 10 years ago and this is one of my favourite classical pieces.

5.  Harold Budd & Brian Eno –  The Plateaux of Mirror First Light

Two geniuses at work. This is a beautiful piano piece. I heard this over 10 years ago and appreciate more every time I listen to it.

6. Vangelis – Hymne

I love Vangelis' work and this is one of my favourites from them. It's a bit 80's but it is still a beautiful piece.

7. Pachelbel – Canon in D

When I was married a few years ago we had a harpist playing this in the background and it was beautiful. One of my all time favourites even though it might be a bit cliched to classical music lovers.

8. Brian Eno -Silver Morning

There is something indescribable about this piece. It gets hold of you and transports you into another world, amazing.

9. Full Sail – Ryan Farish

I heard this last year and think it is just a beautiful piece of music. It's upbeat but ambient.

10.  Chicane – Popihola

This is just an amazingly, beautiful uplifting piece of music and i never tire of listening to it.  The original version is beautiful too.

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