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Expert Secrets – Interview With Russell Brunson

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In this interview with Russell Brunson we speak about his new book Expert Secrets which you can check out here: https://ExpertSecrets.com/steven

Before the interview I didn't have a copy of the book.  I had ordered it but because I am in the UK it didn't come in time for the interview.  I don't like promoting something without knowing and loving it.  Now I knew Russell's books would be amazing as I have followed Russell for years now, but still I wanted to read it.

I decided to buy another copy but this time buy his upsell which was a talk about how to tell your story in a structured way AND a copy of the audiobook.

I listened to it for about 90 minutes and brain bombs were going off all over the place.  I stopped immediately listening to it and started putting into action what Russell was talking about and that was writing a manifesto for my tribe: The #Bravehearts.

Expert Secrets – What Russell Brunson Shared in This Interview

Russell explains that writing a book was hard for him and when he wrote the first draft of Expert Secrets he wasn't happy with it.  So, he decided to go on snapchat and delete his entire book live on camera.  He started over again and the new version is pretty amazing.

I asked the question about the mindset shift from asking the question 'How can I make more money? to How can I help more people?'.  Russell explains that it is much more fulfilling to help other people with your knowledge.  However you can actually get make a great living sharing your knowledge and helping others at the same time.

I also asked the question: Do you think anybody can make money with their knowledge? – Russell speaks about one of his favourite stories of how ordinary people can do this and goes on to speak about Jacob Hiller who started to teach people about how to jump higher in basketball, and now travels the world doing this.

Russell goes on to speak about the 3 step process of creating a mass movement: A charismatic leader, a future based cause and a new opportunity.

In the interview we speak about working for free to gain a presence in your niche is important.  Russell also speaks about giving your best information and why he does that.

We speak about the 'Attractive Character' and it's not about be ing physically attractive.

We also speak about the concept of 'Blue Oceans' and why it is critical that you, as an entrepreneur, to create your own Blue Ocean.  In this section we speak about the '3 Markets' of your blue ocean and how to recognise one.

Towards the end of the interview we speak about the two different types of experts and how we can recognise and understand each one of these to help us on our journey of being an entrepreneur.

I would highly recommend you get a copy of the book just now, it really is amazing.

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