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How to Increase your Energy levels (without drinking another Coffee)

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Sluggish? Drained? Lethargic?

Could your energy levels use a permanent boost?

Do you feel like you are running on empty, kept awake only by Coffee?

If the answer to the above is YES, this article is written for you.

In this article, we are going to access your current energy levels using a quick and simple exercise and afterwards, create an action plan for increasing your energy in an effective and lasting way. Sound good?

Firstly, why is ensuring we have high energy important?

Our energy levels affect EVERY area of our lives: from our relationships, our health, to our Careers. Our energy level determines our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we're low on energy, we're more likely to snap at others, complain and delay taking actions.

On the other hand, when we're full of energy, the world is an entirely different place, we are happy and we get stuff done!

We all know people who seem to have infinite amounts of Energy. They look awake and energised, no matter what time of the day. Their energy captivates those around them.

What if you could be that type of person? Trick question… You can. We all can.

There are no secrets, only practical steps we can all take to be a high energy person.

So, now let's access your current energy levels.

The Energy Bucket

The energy bucket is a great exercise that I learned of in the book Simplify by Bill Hybels. (Recommended Read).

  1. Draw a Bucket on the top of a piece of A4 Paper. It should take up the top quarter of the paper.
  2. Mark a line going across the Bucket at the point where you feel your energy levels are currently. A full bucket means High energy, an empty bucket means you are empty. What percentage of the bucket is full, right now?
  3. Craft a Custom replenishment plan by considering the following questions in the remainder of the space on the paper.

What activities and people fill you up when your energy is running low?

What brings you joy?

When do you have the deepest sense of pleasure in your life?

When do you most feel alive?

View each of these energy giving activities as Streams to which you can turn to when you need to increase your energy levels.

Your Streams will be personal to you. For example, an activity that really energises me is listening to Live music with friends. The atmosphere, the energy, the lighting, the buzz in the room, all stays with me for a few days afterwards. I know, without a doubt, going to see some live music is an activity I can turn to when my energy levels are running low.

Additional to your Custom Replenishment plan, below are some common Energy giving activities which you can also consider.

Ensuring adequate Hydration (3 litres per day).

We are made up of 70% water so naturally, our bodies and brains need plenty of water to function properly. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day and take regular sips.


Even a short 20-minute walk daily will increase your energy levels. If you can walk in nature, by water or in a forest so you're breathing in better quality air, even better.


Get outside in the Sun as often as possible because Sunlight will boost your energy levels. If it's Winter, consider buying a light box which can also be handy in giving you the Vitamin D you need during the darker months.

Power Napping.

One of my favorites as an avid Napper. 20 minutes is Ideal but even a couple of minutes being quiet with your eyes closed will help.


Sugar and Coffee seem like short term fixes but they will cause your energy levels to crash shortly after. By making sensible food and drink choices, you can create higher and more stable energy levels, meaning you don't have to reach for that chocolate bar or espresso in the early afternoon.

Over to you, integrate each of the streams over time. Often when we make changes we do everything at once which can lead to overwhelm. Why not pick one stream, for now, at least one to complete by the end of the week? Play around and see what works for you. Some strategies will fit in well with your lifestyle, others may not. Experiment. Be like a Scientist.

P.S Who do you know who is always has energy?

Why not reach out to them and ask them what they do to stay energised?

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