Creative Healthy Snacks for Adults

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Preparing and serving snacks for friends and family is quite a fulfilling thing to do. However, if you do it on a daily basis, you may run out of ideas and recipes that you can cater. That is why a wide knowledge on snacks and finger foods are very much in the trend nowadays. Although you could just serve snacks that are readily available in several convenience stores and shops around, know that these types of food aren't healthy and good for the health.

Now, there are actually quite a lot of ways and ideas that you could do. These 7 great recipes will largely help you cater snacks that are more creative and much healthier. Not only that your friends and family will enjoy the snack times but also will promote healthier consumption of food.

Pepper Monsters

Bell peppers are not only delicious but they are also healthy! In addition, there are a lot of colors to choose from: green, red, yellow, black, purple, and orange. You could choose any to prepare for the pepper monsters. The more the variety, the more creative your snack will be.

Cut the peppers in half resulting to a cup-like shape. Now, cut the other half into think slices and choose the dip you want to include. Once you have chosen your dip, take away all of the seeds inside the cup-like shape pepper and pour the dip inside. Then, place the thin slices of peppers on top of the dip. As for the monster appearance, create the face features on the pepper cup using the dip and olives.

Beet Chips With Curried Yogurt

Greek yogurts are very much favored by many health enthusiasts because of its nutrients and other contents. One great snack you could prepare is actually 2 tablespoons of low fat Greek yogurt mixed with 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of curry powder.

Once you have fully mixed the two, place it in a nice saucer and serve with a 1 cup of beet chips.

Crackers With Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread and Banana

Crackers are great for short snacks but why not spice them up to create more excitement on your snack times, right? Now, spread your 2 crispy bread crackers with 1 tablespoon of chocolate hazelnut spread. Once you have evenly spread the chocolate hazelnut, place sliced bananas on top of the crackers.

Two pieces of crackers with the spread and bananas cater 214 calories, 4 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber. A very great, creative, and healthy snack for everyday consumption!

Ham and Jicama Wraps

For this snack, you will only need jicama or celery sticks, few slices of ham, and whole-grain mustard. Fry the slices of ham to perfection and make sure not burn them! Cut the jicama or celery sticks into two and wrap each with the fried slices of ham. Once everything is already wrapped, place them in a nice and neat plate and serve with 1 tablespoon of whole-grain mustard.

Consuming 6 pieces of jicama or celery sticks wrapped with 3 slices of ham cater only 74 calories. Moreover, these contain 2 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fat.

Banana, Kale, and Almond Milk Smoothie

A healthy smoothie is great snack for adults. Not only they are healthy but they are refreshing as well. Now, puree 1 medium-sized banana in a blender. Mix it with 1 cup of chopped kale and 1 cup of almond milk. Blend and mix everything well until it smoothens.

This smoothie contains 201 calories in totality. Aside from that, you will obtain 5 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fat.

Minty Pea Dip with Pretzel Chips

One of the most prominent snacks for adults nowadays is pretzel chips. The only thing that differentiates from one to another is the dip! Apparently, you could make a newer, healthier, and more creative dip with frozen peas, fresh mint, and fresh lime juice. You just need to mash ½ cup of the frozen peas together with 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh mint and 2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice. Voila, a nice, healthy, and easy-to-prepare snack for everyone!

Tropical Yogurt Parfait

Parfaits are very easy to prepare. Not only they cater convenience in preparation, they serve as a great snack especially during the summer. You only to prepare 2 tablespoons of vanilla yogurt in a cup or glass and make sure they are low fat! Now, cut into slices a few oranges, kiwi, and pineapple then place them on top of the vanilla yogurt. You may include cereals on top as well.

These 7 creative healthy snacks not only cater the easiness to preparation but also ensure the quality and nutrients you and your friends need for snacks on a daily basis.

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