Clear Signs the Guy Your Dating has Marriage Potential

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Dating has its ups and downs. For some of us, more downs than ups. In this day and age, we are bombarded with images of beautiful, sexy, scantily clad, silicon injected, bleach blonde babes and men with ripped abs, slicked back hair, too tight jeans and even tighter butts.   It's hard for the everyday Sue or Joe to make it in a dating world where you feel you are competing against Botox, Barbie's and Ken's.

Being yourself is an admirable quality and there are still many of us who can pull that off easily and effortlessly. They don't ever have to feel like they need to hide behind anything to camouflage their not so pretty traits. Kudos to them. More of us should be like them. I think there would be a lot less divorces if that were the case. The right people would marry the right people.

So how do you know you've finally nabbed the right guy? There are many signs that he could possibly be a good life partner but what are the real clear signs? The ones you shouldn't avoid?

1.Your ass never looks fat, ever.   Now that may sound a little crude but the point I am trying to get across here is that no matter what you wear, how you wear it, what colour or anything that like, he will always think you are beautiful. If you are looking for an honest opinion about an article of clothing, call your girlfriend.

2.He never makes fun of you in front of your friends. The odd joking around is fun and funny but this guy will never make fun of you in a disrespectful way in front of your peeps, or his for that matter. He will always hold you in high regard and never make you feel inferior or dumb.

3.He will always introduce you. By this I mean, coworkers, casual acquaintances, neighbours, what have you. When men do this, they are showing you that they admire, adore and respect you and that their people should know who you are as you are an important part of their life.

4.He is very patient when you are having a tantrum. He won't yell back or get pissed off and walk out of the room or, worse yet, leave and not show up for a couple of days. He totally gets that sometimes women have fits (and yes, men have fits too!) and they don't want you to argue back. Just listen to them and let them rage. This guy does that and when you are done, he hugs you gently and lovingly. Yup he's a keeper.

5.Give me space! You want to go out clubbing with your girlfriends? He's cool with that. You want to go away for a weekend alone on a little road trip? He's cool with that too. You love your independence and sometimes like to do things alone without interruptions. He's cool with that too and he encourages that.

6.No hair and make up for me today. You don't always have to be dolled up as this guy thinks you
are absolutely beautiful just the way you are. He likes when you are au natural as much as he likes it when you are done up to the 9's. He loves the beauty within you.

7.He brags about you.   He has no qualms telling all his boys about you, and even his family. You are the next best thing to Gluten Free bread. He thinks you are the cat's meow and doesn't mind talking about you to anyone who will listen. He's proud of you and he shows it.

8.He knows what true romance is and has no problem with it. Who doesn't love a romantic man that doesn't have to be reminded all the time that women like getting flowers for no reason? This guy does it all the time. And he leaves love notes in your purse. And he does all kinds of other little things that let you know he's thinking of you and adores you. Is this a dream?

9.Can I please have my say?   With this guy you sure can. He appreciates your input and listens intently to what you have to say about anything. He loves your mind and the way you think, see and talk about things. He loves the mental stimulation you always provide him.

10.He never complains about family get-togethers.   You know your family isn't the easiest to put up with or spend time with. Your Uncle Jerry is a big pain in the ass, he's always rude and mostly just obnoxious. Your man will put up with him, smile and nod and even when you get home he won't say anything bad about Uncle Jerry. He takes it all in stride as he understands that we all have our own family dynamics.

If the man you are dating shows any or all of these signs, set your wedding date. He's a keeper for sure.

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