Changing from being physical to spiritual

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Why do you get out of bed, brush your teeth, have a shower and go to work most mornings?

Think about that question for a minute or two.

Most of the time we do things automatically without really thinking about it. Most of us know we have to work to put food on the table so we duly get up, brush our teeth, have a shower and trundle off to work. Are we really happy about it? I am happy working with the people I work with, I am happy working with my clients what I am not happy about is working for someone else and trading my time for £10 an hour, day in day out. I would rather be working for myself and setting my own hours, however that time has not come yet.

lightworkerTo get over this I try and look at what I have and be grateful, sometimes it's difficult, most of the time it's easy. When I really make the effort I can change from thinking I am not making a difference in the world to thinking I am making a difference one person at a time and that's all I can do.

Why do I want to change the world? I don't, I want to change the people who are looking to change their world. This is the place I feel most comfortable, most at ease with myself. This blog makes a huge difference in my life and I honestly feel if I can touch one persons heart and make them think about their life, I have made a difference.

Thinking spiritually

Over the years I have gone from being a physical being to being a spiritual being. Regular readers know I am not religious in the least, but I am deeply spiritual. I believe in being human and I believe humans strive to become spiritual beings and not purely physical beings. Some of us are not ready to become spiritual and that's fine, we will know when it's time to strive to reach all we can be. I wrote an article about Self Actualization and the quickest way to reach this is by asking questions about the world.

The world is changing, there is disharmony, there seems to be huge unrest in the world. I believe this is not by chance, the worm is turning and I believe the world is in a state of spiritual dissonance just now. More and more people are looking inside to find their innate calmness and reading blogs and websites like this to join a community of like minded people, it's not religious, it's not cultish it's humans looking inside knowing a change has to come and knowing it has to come from within: If you change yourself you will change your world, if you change your world you can change someone's else's world and so on and one by one the world can change.

Changing from physical to spiritual

There is no real secret to changing and I nor anyone else can tell you how to do it. You will know when the time has come to change and you will simply think on a different level. Day by day you think more spiritually and day by day your life changes. By asking questions you will change, by changing your thinking you will change by helping others you will change.

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