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Does the world continue when you are asleep?

This might sound like a very strange question, you might say of course it does and dismiss the question altogether. However, there is no way of proving this, when you go to sleep there is no way of proving that the world still exists.

Consider this question:

self_reactualizationDoes the world still exist when you die?

You might find that a little easier to answer. If you are dead, you are no longer part of the world, if you are no longer part of the world therefore the world ceases to exist for you, as your consciousness will be gone from the world. You might believe in life after death and say the world still exists, but what does life after death mean to you; does it mean you are born another person? Does it mean your consciousness will be transferred to someone else? Does it mean you go to heaven and live a heavenly existence? There are many questions to be answered on the back of "˜does the world still exit when you die?'

Who cares?

Most people don't care except the people who are on a journey in life and trying to answer life's big questions. Toying with questions like this is a brain buster and can help you on your quest for what Abraham Maslow calls "˜self actualisation'.

People who are growing and are actively seeking answers are the ones who will most likely find the answers, if you don't ask questions you can't find the answers.

There are many assumptions we make in our lives and it is up to us to start challenging those assumptions. Small assumptions like "˜drinking water is good for us' or huge assumptions like "˜will we wake up tomorrow?'.

Questioning your beliefs, questioning your assumptions in life will do wonders for your self-development.

What are your assumptions?

It would be interesting to gather a list of assumptions people have in life, why not post them here by leaving a comment.

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