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Tips for a better life #8

I first discovered someone called Win Wenger in 1998 when I started reading his site at . His site is a fantastic resource for furthering human potential. Win's missions statement is:

"¢ To enable as many human beings as possible to become more than a match for the situations, opportunities and problems or difficulties that they find around them, and
"¢ To enjoy a richer quality of life and experience.

breatheOne of his techniques which I have used in the past and recently discovered again is called "˜Noise removal breathing'
Win hypothesised that for every situation in our lives there is a different breathing pattern. This is logical as when we are angry our breathing pattern is different from when we are calm and relaxed. This is obvious as the two situations are opposite ends of the spectrum. However breathing patterns are also different when we are calm and sleeping and calm and alert.

Using this information we can control and rid ourselves of certain behaviours, fears and phobias.

There are various methods for using these techniques but I will use the "˜noise removal technique' to describe to you here:

This method is used to rid yourself of all the bad energy, toxins, and leftover emotions that dwell inside your body. It's like having a really refreshing shower after a hot sticky day, only you are cleaning the inside of your body.

The noise removal method:
(This is direct from Win Wenger's site)

1. With each breath in, begin imagining (even picturing and feeling, if possible) that your air is coming in through the bottoms of your feet, all the way up from there. Breathe in as if you have to pull your air all the way up through ankles, legs and body, up to where you can breathe out through normal channels. (Perhaps picturing a nose in your feet might help, a nostril in the bottom of each foot between mid-arch and toes.) With each breath, breathe in against the pull of your air having to make its way up through the tissues and cells of your feet, ankles, legs and lower body …. Continue for several minutes, examining the effects you feel from this procedure ….

2. Picture or imagine piles of dried leaves or other debris being swirled up with each breath, out of your tissues and cells. Experience this stuff as being swirled up by each incoming breath, swirled up from the breath-swept tissues of your feet, legs and body, and swept up out of you on your deeply exhaled breath. Experience this as vividly as you can, with every breath. Sweep all that stuff cleanly out of you with your breath. (let all these leaves or debris represent all "noise""” tensions, toxins, tiredness, other pollutants which didn't belong there.}

3. As these clouds of "noise" sweep cleanly out of you on your slowly, deeply, calmly exhaled breath, as all this debris hits the open air, see it flaming into showers of bright sparks!

(Even "noise" is energy: there is no such thing as "bad" energy, only congested energy compared to free flowing, useful energy, so that when this stuff is swept from "bad" configurations and hits the open air, it becomes good clean usable life-enhancing energy again.)

Sweep up as much of that stuff as you can with each and every incoming breath, blowtorch out that shower of bright sparks with your breath, deeply and softly breathed out as the flame of a blowtorch, and see how much more, with each breath out, you can fill the space around you with good released energy …

Continue for some minutes, studying the effects you feel from doing this…

4. Breathe in not only through your feet but through whatever parts of your body come to your attention in this context….. Breathe in against the pull of the air having to come in through the tissues and cells of each such part, swirl up as much "noise" as you can with each breath in; blowtorch out as much released energy in bright hot spark-showers as you can, with each breath …

(You may find it interesting to make mental note of just which parts of your body do come to your attention in this context, for you to breathe in through and to thereby swirl up and remove even subliminal "noise" from….)

Continue for several minutes, studying the effects you feel from this pattern of breathing and imaging.

5. In the same manner, use your breath to breathe up and away whatever could have in the slightest stood between you and even more profound levels of relaxed awareness. Continue this breathing-goal for several minutes, studying the effects you feel from it …

(In the same manner, use your breath to sweep up and away any feeling of discomfort, whenever experienced and not just during these exercises. Throughout your life, make it a reflex to respond to any problem, discomfort, difficulty or distress by this deep, slow, calm, releasing, noise-removal breathing. Emphasize breathing slowly when dealing with any distress … But first, before using this breathing on specific "targets" and problems, get in, over several sessions, a total of at least an hour's worth of this type of breathing, emphasizing the clarity and pleasure aspects especially, to build your general comfort levels.)

For future reference"”If and when you like: think back to some situation, relating to problems or difficulties or hurts you have experienced, and "breathe on it" in this manner, drawing up and away any static or negative feelings out of that experience, until you feel perfectly, wholly, comfortable while clearly recalling all aspects of that situation …. )

6. In the same manner, for several minutes before any task, creative work, schooling or performance of whatever nature, picture your goal for that activity and breathe up and away whatever could in the slightest have impeded full swift rich clean attainment of that goal"”then go directly into that work and let fly!

7. In the same manner, breathe up and away whatever could in the slightest have impeded your clear, rich perception of beauty or of some insight ….

I am in no way being paid for this post, I just want to bring a great technique for you to use in your life. I believe it can make a huge difference.

Brain Boosters by Win Wenger PhD (Nightignale Conant)The Einstein FactorThe Einstein Factor by Win Wenger & Richard Poe (Nightingale Conant)

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