Saturday roundup 16th June 2007

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Saturday roundup

This has been a bit of a nightmare week for me. As you may know my PC packed up and decided to go to PC heaven. Only thing is I managed to resurrect its soul and get the information from the hard drive before it finally passed through the gates of heaven, or hell (depending which religion it spoke to on its way there).

That said I have a new computer by way of a shiny new laptop and shiny new software like: Windows Vista. I don't have my Dreamweaver set up, which I am lost without, as I cannot find the disks so the formatting of the posts is not quite up to standard yet.

Strangely enough my RSS Subscribers and earnings from Google Adsense have not suffered as a result. In fact I had my biggest earning day with Google adsense at $7.90; don't quite know what to make of that.

On with business:

Challenge yourself in 90 days

I was going to mention last week that Aaron Potts of Today is that day fame has recently posted an article challenging you to make a commitment for 90 days to a few of your goals. He has had some interesting comments already with some lofty goals being thrown in there. Here are a few people I thought had interesting goals:

Jennifer McLean of Big Book of You – has a goal to lose 25 pounds in 90 days, good luck Jennifer.

Gayla McCord of Mom Gadget "“ Has a goal to earn $10,000 a month online, don't laugh as she is already halfway there. Gayla you'll need to pass on some tips.

Jonathan C Philips of Smart Wealthy Rich "“ Has a blogging goal to reach 750 subscribers, to earn $3000 per month from his blogging activities and has a personal goal of releasing an album with his band. Would love to hear the album Jonathan.

Why not challenge yourself and let everyone know your intentions and post a comment over at Today is That Day.

Thank you

I would like to thank a few people for helping or contributing in some way to the blog.

Thank you to Mark Shead from Productivity 501 who helped me with some information about my e-mails problems when my PC crashed. Mark also has posted a great series of interview questions where has asked personal development bloggers from around the globe to answer three questions. You can read the first of his questions and answers here.

Thank you to Lodewijk van den Broek for posting an article on this blog entitled "˜your vision of the future' it was a great post Lodewijk and very timely.

Thank you to Alexander Kjerulf for posting "˜Happiness at work'. This was another great guest blogger post which was well received here.

Thank you to for advertising on this blog for 12 months.

Thank you to for advertising on this blog.

Best post this week

This honour has to go to Lodewijk van den Broek for his post "˜Vision of the future'. Thanks again Lodewijk.

Stats and earnings – Ranked 122,000

RSS subscribers – around 700

Technorati rank – 11,450

Earnings – $400 (an advertiser paid $340 for 12 months)

That's it for this week. Hopefully next week I will have a lot more to say when I am fully functional again.

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