Blogging highlights for 2006

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Blog highlights for 2006

I started this blog on August 7th 2006. Initially I started it to get
some exposure for a life coaching practice. However it has evolved since
then and I now use it to write. I have discovered I love the researching
and writing of articles and am good at it, well I'm good at the researching
side, still a bit to go on the writing side.

The blog has helped me in many ways and in different areas of my life. I
have found I am a much more disciplined person. Getting up at 5.30am
most mornings to work on my blogs has increased my discipline in other areas
of my life.

The blogs traffic has gone up steadily over the months and number of subscribers
has also increased. Google adsense earnings have been slow but are on
the increase month by month. Here are a few data charts for the blog

google adsense earnings steven aitchison

rss subscriptions steven aitchison

number of visitors to steven

I have to admit using a company which provided visitors to the site, however
soon discovered that they weren't real visitors or they were forced visitors so I stopped using them in mid November.
I have estimated October and November visitor stats taking out the forced visitr stats.

Major blog related highlights:

  • The blog enabled me to get a part time job managing a blog for a well
    known property investor. This increased my monthly income by 33%.
  • I became part of the Positive Blog Network (A new blog for the network
    will be in place after the New Year)
  • I have written a 1/2 day workshop course on 'Blogging for business'. This
    starts in April/May 2007
  • I have also written a 1/2 day workshop on personal development which will
    start in June 2007
  • I have spoken to some great people in the personal development field and
    will develop this into 2007.
  • I have made contact with lots of people just commenting on the blog and
    have had a lot of positive feedback on the articles I have written so far.

Overall I am extremely happy with the blog and even more delighted about the
personal aspect of starting a blog. It has helped me focus on my own
life and made me question aspects of my life that I was unconsciously avoiding. I
am a better person for blogging from a cathartic point of view and for the
fact that I am giving something back to society (that sounds very egotistical,
believe me it is not meant that way, I genuinely want to make a contribution
to society).

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fantastic New Year
and would like to invite you to tell me your personal or blogging highlights
of 2006.

All the best Steven Aitchison

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Steven Aitchison is the author of The Belief Principle and an online trainer teaching personal development and online business.  He is also the creator of this blog which has been running since August 2006.