Win $200 and get a linkback

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Win $200 and get a linkback

I am offering bloggers the chance to win $50 for writing a 200 word review
of this blog or a post from this blog. In addition I am offering a link
to everyone who writes a review.

Is this a blatant way to get traffic and links, damn right it is, but it helps
you, the reviewer as well as me who is trying to reach as big an audience as

The winner of the best review, in my opinion, will get $50 paid into their
paypal account.

To enter:

Pick a post from this blog and review it, there must be a link to the post
you choose from this blog or a link to this blog. Alternatively, simply
review the blog as a whole, preferably giving a good review. The review
must be 200 words or more. If you feel compelled to write a bad review so be

Once you have written the review send me a link to the review using the
contact form

Winning the $200

I will choose a winner at the end of January even if only 2 people enter,
however as an incentive to get this rated high on reddit and digg I will double
the prize money to $100 if more than 50 people enter and will double it again
to $200 if more than 100 people enter. So it would be a good idea to
digg the story so as many people could see it as possible, the same with reddit,
click on the story so it stays near the top.

I look forward to reading your reviews.

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