Best of Change Your Thoughts 2009

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I have finished the first draft of 'The Best of CYT 2009' and would like to make it available to readers of Change Your Thoughts.

You can sign up to the newsletter to get the ebook which features 96 pages of great self help work from myself and several other great writers such as Ayo Olaniyan, Mr Self Development, Celestine Chua, Francesca Kotomski, Armen Shirvanian, and Douglas Cartwright.


I know you might have signed up already, if you have please sign up again and it will give you a message to advise you have already signed up.   I will send out the second volume to exisiting subscribers.

It would be good to hear your thoughts on the book.

Exciting new project

I believe I have a project which will create a lot of buzz at the beginning of next year and will see me giving up my day job around February/March time and see a lot of publicity for those who help out. I have 100 spots available for this project which will hopefully create a lot of net publicity for the 100 people involved so it will be a definite win/win situation.   More details to come soon.

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