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One Key To Success In Life And Business

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I have been into personal development for over 15 years and sometimes there are moments that just hit you square in the face and scream 'Pay attention to me'. No doubt you have gone through life and you get these moments, they're called 'A-ha moments', when you just get it, whatever you've been trying to figure out.

There have been quite a few of these moments in my life but none more profound than than the one I'm about to share with you now.

The Key To Success Is Making

Others A Success

one_keyNow, you'd think that would be well known and everybody would say 'Duh, I knew that already!' but so few people know of this key or really grasp it's importance.

In any field you happen to be in, if you go out of your way to help people better themselves you will become known as the person to go to.

Be the person to go to

At work I am known as the 'Computer Man', no matter what the problem is; Word documents, excel spreadsheets, trying to find a lost image file, undoing things etc. That's because I love the computers and even though I don't know most of the things on the computer I use the little tab that says 'help' and figure it out within a few minutes. Why do most people ignore this little 'help' button; probably because in every workplace there is always someone like me.

If you make yourself the person to go to at work you can make yourself the person to go to outside work and start a business or a part time venture whereby you become the person to go to in a small niche. You do this by giving away free information, give great advice and generally being a nice person. When you become quite well known for the person to go to, then that's when your business really starts.

My friend, Dragos Roua, has become the guy to go to about blogging, within his circle of friends. And due to this he is now starting to do blogging seminars, why? because he's helped people for free in the past, built up his knowledge while showing others what to do and generally being a nice guy. Now he has another income stream, all because he become the person to go to.

Helping others

When you help others become a success you undoubtedly will become a success yourself, however, you still need the business savvy and the business guts to put yourself out there.

Never call yourself an expert, let others call you the expert, but put it out there that you know what you're talking about and help others achieve what they want to achieve.

I realised this a while ago but am only now beginning to put into motion the second stage of this and that is having the business guts to get out there.

What's your story?

Have you realised this key already, if so what's your story and how did it help yourself and others?

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