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15 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

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Sometimes life hands us lemons, right? It's not always sunshine and roses and when we are put to the test, we generally lose our cool. Some of us have a very difficult time dealing with stress and challenges without completely snapping. I get it. Even some of the toughest situations can be hard to swallow, no matter how strong you are. Depending on the situation, we try to be strong for others, totally forgetting about our own wellbeing. Yes, life isn't always easy.

So what can we learn from mentally strong people? How do they deal with situations differently from the rest of us?

ego_super_ego1. No blaming.

They don't blame others for what happened. They aren't looking to point fingers at anyone for whatever wrong doing just occurred. There is a solution and an answer, or reason, for everything and they get it.

2. They don't reach for drugs or alcohol.

Quite often when something stressful hits us, we will reach for a drink or, for those who quit smoking, a cigarette. Others may even hit some harder drugs. Mentally strong people don't need to numb the pain. They learn to deal with it in more natural ways.

3. No screaming and yelling please.

Yes, many of us do that. The major meltdown or freak out. Slam doors, stomp our feet, have a yelling bitch fest. Nope they don't do any of that kind of stuff. They have gentler and more effective ways of releasing anger and frustration.

4. They don't have pity parties.

You know the ones. Oh poor me, why me, how could this happen to me? They don't do any of that. They understand that doing that will put them in a victim mentality and they aren't victims.

5. They don't hold grudges.

Life is too short. They have better things to do than continually hate "Johnny" for that stunt he pulled back in '84. Who cares? They don't. It's done and over with. Oh and they have no problem saying hi to Johnny if they see him on the street. It's all good.

6. They push the envelope.

They like adventure and opportunities. They will push and push to see how far they can go before they've either succeeded or had enough. They won't stop at satisfactory. They want awesome.

7. No time for envy or jealousy.

They embrace other victories and are truly, genuinely happy when their friends, co-workers or family members succeed in anything. The mentally strong person is always the biggest cheerleader for anyone reaching goals or achieving great heights.

8. They don't mind hanging out alone.

They really do like their own company. Going out to dinner or the movies alone is no big deal to them. They are perfectly ok doing this and quite often end up meeting new people and making new friends at the same time.

9. They are open to trying new things.

They are constant learners. They love to learn about all kinds of things especially anything that will expand their knowledge or broaden their horizons. We're not just talking about guitar lessons or kite making but alternative healing methods too.

10. Failure doesn't mean stop.

They are no strangers to failure. They take a failure as a learning curve. They will take the lesson apart and see what went wrong. Re-evaluate their strategies and try again.

11. Patience please.

Yes they have plenty of patience. They realize that not all results will take place immediately and they know to give it time and let t hings unfold naturally for them. They don't rush the process.

12. Help others.

They are quick to help anyone who needs a hand and always without seeking fame or recognition for it. They give and help from their heart space, not their ego. They know what it's like to have needed help and understand that they may need help again too.

13. Just say no.

They don't have a hard time saying no when they have to. They get that they can't please all the people all the time and they don't even try. They also understand that when you do say no, you gain a little more respect.

14. Smiles everyone.

They laugh and smile a lot. They have no reason to be grumpy or have a frown. They love life and life is good to them. Even when it's not, they still smile because they know something good will be just around the corner.

15. No gossip please.

Ever. Mentally strong people don' t talk trash about others. That's for small minded people only. They don't judge and they don't gossip. They live their life in such a way that if anyone was to speak bad of them, no one would believe them.

Do you have any of these qualities? Do you think you could be a mentally strong person? It's not that hard. Just live fully, happily and peacefully.

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