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Anti-Anxiety Cure. Immediate Results. Positive Side-Effects.

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Life is simple.

Most of our problems and troubles are overcomplicated.

Most solutions are much easier than we tend to think.

Doing my morning walk. I wonder.

Did our mind become so bored, because there is no real danger, because we don't have to fight for survival anymore, not for physical one anyway, because we don't have to worry about hunger, did our mind become so bored, that it has nothing better to do than to come up with existing-nowhere-but-in-our-mind problems:

self_disciplineAm I good enough?

Am I pretty enough?

Do they like me?

Am I successful enough?

Am I respected?

Am I rich enough?

Do I have enough stuff?

Is my car/house/phone/outfit etc. fancy enough?

Does my life, my existence have any meaning or purpose?

Am I significant enough?

Am I skinny enough?

Do I have enough muscles?

Does my 6-pack is visible enough?

Am I funny and interesting enough?

Am I good enough to have good things?

Am I talented and smart enough to do this job or take on this project?

Will I ever be happy?

List goes on and on and on.

How does your mind keep itself busy? What "serious" problems did it decide to entertain itself with?

Do you think you'd be worrying about any of those issues, if you had nothing to eat?

If a lion was chasing you?

If you had no place to sleep?

If your life was in constant danger?

I doubt it very highly you would bother worrying about couple of pounds of extra weight, if you didn't know whether you'd survive or not this day.

Our mind is just not that comfortable with doing nothing. I guess it has some issues with just being, not taking care of our survival all the time.

So it finds some work to do, anywhere it possibly can.

What if I'm not pretty and successful enough and nobody will ever love me?

Certainly life-and-death situation question we need to answer this very moment, right?

Anxiety and worrying about imaginary problems is the disease, that can only exist in a society where all the basic needs for food, shelter and safety are met.

But our mind has to do something, right?

And here we go, we have endless list of questions about things, that can potentially be a threat to our well-being.

To put a positive spin on a phenomenon think about it this way.

If you have a constantly chattering mind, never ending flow of self-doubting questions "“ you are lucky enough to meet all your survival needs and now your brain is bored, it has nothing to work on. Congratulations! You've made it!

You are in a better place in life than 90 something percent of the world.

I doubt it very highly that starving people in the poorest countries in the world have that luxury of self-doubts you have.

Think about that for a moment.

Your life doesn't seem to be so bad after all, does it?

The mind talks and talks and talks. Radio that hard to turn off. Possible, but takes constant practice and dedication.

Some offer meditation as a cure.

Some say we need to learn to stay more present, pay attention to our senses, our breathing, concentrate on what we do and experience at the moment.

But even that takes practice. Takes time. Takes patience.

Do you want to shut down the chatter really fast?

Do you want to quiet your mind and become more present right now? Not after years of meditation practice, that you would most probably never do.

Do you want to be worry/anxiety free NOW?

There is a method that works 100% of the time. Fast. Effective.

Plus you lose some weight and/or get fitter, AND get an extra portion of happy hormones like endorphins, serotonin and dopamine that will make your life feel many times better.

Have you already guessed, what it is?


The more thoughts you have, the more negativity is in you, the more rigorous workout you should choose.

  • Try to squat with some heavy weight, feeling excruciating muscle pain and burning sensations, lot of it, and worry about being not good enough to do some work project at the same time.

I doubt very highly you'd be able to.

  • Suicidal thoughts?

Go take a pump class, the more intense the better.

Kill yourself working out "“ see how much suicidal thoughts you'll have after. Most probably you'll have only enough energy to drag yourself to bed and fall asleep.

  • Angry at something or someone? Can't stop thinking how unfair the world is?

Go take a boxing class or hit a punch bag with all the anger you have.

You'll be surprised how much more peaceful you'll become after.

People who know me think I'm the most peaceful person on Earth, never raise my voice, never get angry, something must be REALLY important to make me angry.

You know why I'm so calm, chilled and relaxed?

I work out daily. 2-3 hours.

I love weight training. Muscle pain. Pushing pass the pain barrier. Making loud noises,   when I work out.

After the workout, heck, you can call me anything, I wouldn't care. Whatever, life is beautiful "“ that's the most you can get out of me after gym.

I love taking 10 k hikes. Really fast pace.

  • If you have troubles falling asleep thinking too much, go for a 10 k hike. See how many thoughts you have before bed then.

I doubt it, you would have many.

Whenever I start thinking too much, overthinking things I do and my life – I work out. Works like magic.

Every single time.

Let me repeat again.


Here we go.


Anti-anxiety cure that works 100% of the time and has a few POSITIVE side-effects: weight loss, increased fitness levels, strength, better health and better mood, better relationships with people, higher self-esteem and more.

Have troubles getting your butt of the couch to start? Find an activity buddy or higher a personal trainer.

There are people with the same problem everywhere. Buddy support system is the best.

Read. Move. Be Happy.

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