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6 Crucial Life Skills You Won't Learn in School.

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We are born, we go to school, we learn a bunch of stuff and we die. Ok so maybe it doesn't quite happen that cut and dry but it's pretty darned close. We spend on average 20 years in school, a big portion of our life learning, and then the remainder of our years are applying the knowledge we learned in that giant institution. But what percentage of the things we need to know in life do we actually learn in school? Definitely some, maybe even quite a bit actually, but what about the really important stuff in life that we need to know before we embark on life that school doesn't teach us or prepare us for?

Here is a list of only 6 things that should be taught in schools to prepare our youth for the real world. The things that end up shocking them because they were never taught how to handle or deal with.

portrait of mid adult teacher looking at camera1. How to handle money.

Bills will come in. Fast and furious. You'll also want to shop and have time for entertainment. Make sure what you bring in monthly doesn't exceed what you are putting out. If it does, then you either need a better paying job, or maybe even a second small part time job or you need to re-evaluate your budget. Don't live beyond your means. It's no fun. Really. In fact, it can be the biggest cause of your stress if you don't get a grip on it.

2. You will probably change careers many times in your life.

Kids are rushed off to university and college so young. Like right after high school kind of young. Expecting to make decisions for the rest of their sweet innocent lives. Don't get too stressed out about what course to take in university. You'll change it at least 2 times and by the time you are 35 will probably switch it up anyway. And then again by 45. And then maybe even a gain by 50. Choose something in university that you may want to do for the next 5-1 0 years. Don't look any further than that. Really.

3. The world is a big beautiful place, go see it.

Don' t be afraid to travel to different places, if you can. Get out of your own city, experience different cultures, see other things. The world doesn't evolve around the city you live in. The world is a big beautiful place and you should see it before you settle down, get married and have children. Once that happens, life takes on a whole new meaning. Which leads me to #4…

4. Everything changes when you get married and have kids.

The life of freedom and party and no responsibilities is long gone. All the things you wanted to do will have to take the back burner. If you didn't get to do them before the family arrived, chances are it will be a long long time before you will have the opportunity to do them. I mean long like after your kids are grown and gone kind of long. If there is something you want to do or a place you want to see, do it now. Don't wait.

5. Love and marriage.

Is not a game. It's for real. And if you do it right, it will take up the biggest portion of your life. Choose your life partner very carefully. You will be with this person for a long time. If you don't think you are ready to commit to one person for the next 25-50 years then don't do it. Period. Marriage is as important as life itself. Take it seriously. If you decide to marry and it ends up all wrong after 5 years, the next 10 years or so of your life can be a living hell. Are you up for that?

6. Be the best version of you.

Don't try to change who you are to please anyone. You have a voice, a gift, a passion and a uniqueness. Don't hide or stifle any of that for anyone. Be you all the time, but be open to learning and growing. Open your mind and heart to expand. You will be constantly evolving and growing. Be open to that. Take on new things.   Don't let people tell you what they think you should be doing. Do what you want. What's in your heart. Not theirs. Don't spend your whole life trying to please anybody but yourself.

Being a kid is fun. Being an adult can be fun too. Don't take life, things or people for granted and l earn to roll with life. You'll definitely enjoy it more.

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