90 minute sleep cycle for a better life

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Tips for a better life #3

lofe tips for a better lifeIt has been shown that an average sleep cycle lasts for around 90 minutes. The
90 minutes consist of 2 distinct states rapid Eye Movement, REM, sleep
and nonREM (nREM) sleep. There are various cycles within this 90 minutes
cycle but the main ones are REM and nREM.

I have read a lot about this but only tried messing about with it last year. I
now usually have around 3 sleep cycles which sees me getting up at around 5am. I
go to sleep around 12. If I go to bed earlier I get up earlier. So
I am basically functioning on 3 sleep cycles.

My tip is to experiment with this 90 minute sleep cycle and see how it works
for you. You can squeeze an extra 8.5 hours per week by getting up 1
sleep cycle earlier and not requiring to take a nap during the day.

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