Agloco still awaits Viewbar

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Agloco "“ waiting for the viewbar

Brian Greenwald of Agloco has announced it is still waiting on the viewbar
from the tech team in Shanghai. The original realease date of between
2nd April and 16th April has been put back.

Brian States

There is some good Viewbar news for most of you. As I mentioned in my last
post, we are initially releasing about 50,000 Viewbars to those Members that
signed up first. Our current plan is to release another 50,000 Viewbars every
day until every pre-launch Member has a Viewbar (which means all Members should
have their Viewbar within the first 10 "“ 11 days). This should alleviate
some of the fears Members have expressed that they might have to wait weeks
or months for their Viewbar. We recognize that there have been delays on the
front end of the release, so we are trying to tighten up the back end of the
release as much as possible.

If you have never heard of Agloco: Agloco will earn it's money from
advertisers who advertise on a view bar which you can install and get paid
for surfing. The maximum time you get paid for surfing is for 5 hours
per month and you can turn the toolbar off after this. The way you make
money is by referring people to the Agloco service and you get a share for
each person you refer and the hours they surf.

agloco highest referral rate

If you are not part of the Agloco train you can still catch a ride Sign up
by clicking the image above and then you can start signing
people up and making money of your own.

It's not too late.

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