8 Signs You Actually Love Being Alone

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There are those of us who really despise being alone and would rather chew glass then be alone and then there are some of us who actually love it. I think there's a fine line between being alone and being lonely. For those who love being alone, it simply means they love their own company. The lonely souls might like their own company too, but just prefer to share it with someone else. I like my alone time as does my wife. We strike a nice balance and when you are in a relationship, balance is key.

Do you love being alone or are you the type that likes to be around people all the time, even one or two? Here are some signs that indicate you might just love being alone.

being_alone1. You enjoy and embrace your freedom.

You love it so much in fact that you won't sacrifice it for just anyone or anything. It's something that you have strived to achieve most of your life and now that you have it, you aren't letting go of it. Freedom is something most struggle to find. You found it and aren't willing to give it up.

2. You aren't glued to social media.

You don't always have to be on Facebook or Twitter to see what's going on every minute of the day. You are perfectly content to unplug and catch up tomorrow morning. There is no feeling of anxiety or that you are missing out on anything because you know you really aren't anyway. All the fun is happening in your own world.

3. You turn your phone off.

Whoever wants you, can find you tomorrow. You are in a disturb free zone right now and loving every minute of it. It's not necessary for you to have to be at everyone's beck and call all the time. Turning your phone off pleases you tremendously as you now know, no one can disturb you. Brilliant.

4. It's all about me.

I mean you. You can do what you want, when you want, how you want and this makes you ridiculously happy. How can anyone not love that? You love having breakfast for dinner and having pj and cartoon days on Saturdays without judgement. You can watch whatever movie you want be it chick flick or sci-fi and no one to argue with about it. Oh the life.

5. You are silly happy.

Being alone makes you very happy. Why shouldn't it? You're awesome and you love the person you are. You are great company and love the freedom you have achieved. Happiness is an inside job and you have worked hard, very hard to reach the state of inner happiness and peace. Of course you're happy being alone. You love you.

6. You get the whole bed to yourself.

Yes!! No sharing the blankets and no one stealing the blankets from you. No one kicking you or snoring in your ear. You can stay up as late as you want with the lamp on and read your steamy novel til 4 am if you feel like it. You can also stay in bed until noon the next day without anyone quipping at you ab out it.

7. You have no problem talking to yourself and don't think you are a weirdo because you do.

You have had some of your best conversations with yourself. You have no problem looking in the mirror and telling yourself how amazing you are. You talk while you cook, while you're getting ready for work, you even sometimes laugh at some of your comments or some of the silly things you do. Nothing wrong with that at all.

8. If you want a bird, or dog or cat and any other critter, you just go get one.

It's your space, your place and if you want a critter, you can have one. Not only that, if you want more than one, well you can do that too. Animals make you happy and bring great joy to your life. It enhances your alone time when you can spend it with a furry little critter that adores you and doesn't talk back or want the remote control.

Does any of this sound like you? How many of you like to be alone and if so, what are your reasons? Share them with the others.

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