8 Interesting Enough Reasons To Travel More

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Travelling isn't everyone's thing. I get that. Many of us are quite content to stay in our own backyards where it's nice and safe, sitting by the bonfire, looking up at the stars. It's safe, it's cozy and it's home. Why leave? Then there are those who love to pack a bag and go. Go on an adventure to any town, city, country, continent.

For those who are still on the fence about travelling and might be gently persuaded to do a bit of travelling, here are some interesting enough reasons why you might want to add travel to your bucket list.

travel_more1. I've tried that.

You've seen the surfers on TV, the paddle boarders, the water skiers. You've always wanted to do it but never had the chance. Wouldn't it be nice to finally get to one of those places, do it and finally be able to say you've done it? You can tell the story of the adventure, knock it off your list.

2. Experience people.

From around the world. Make new friends. Hear great stories of travel and intrigue. Get ideas for your next trip. There is more to this world then the town or city you live in. Get out and explore it, see it, love it. Take pictures of it and tell your family and friends I've been there! It's a great feeling when you can say that.

3. Broaden your horizons.

That may sound slightly vague but there really i s so much to learn, see and experience. Get out of your comfort zone and go see what the people in the town next to you are doing. There might be a great little festival happening or weekend market. Go across the pond and check out some other countries, if you can. Find out what it really is like over there.

4. Go live life.

Outside of your back yard bonfires. There is so much to see and do in life that it's a shame to see it only from your yard. What do the people do in the evenings in Spain? What about Thailand? Maybe no one watches TV and they are out strolling along the park. There is something cool to see in every place you go.

5. Try that.

You've eaten Mexican food at Taco Bell for years but you know that's not true Mexican food. Wouldn't it be fantastic to actually eat Mexican food in Mexico? Served up by Mexicans, with that true Mexican taste? Of course it would. Go and do that. Maybe you've always loved Indian cuisine. Head on over there then.

6. Discover you.

There are many things you will learn about yourself as you travel. Some things may very well surprise you. Maybe you had no idea that all this time, you really love hiking up and adventuring up volcanoes. Or you might have discovered that orphan ages pulled your heart strings and now you have a new mission in life. When travelling, especially alone, you will discover parts of you you never knew you had. And it will be wonderful.

7. Appreciate what you have.

You may end up in a third world country and h ave your eyes and mind blown wide open. Maybe you've been complaining for years about your shit life and your recent trip to El Salvador just made you realize that you have everything you need and are wonderfully blessed. Sometimes we need that eye opener to get it and to appreciate what we have.

8. Go it alone.

If you can. Go on at least one trip by yourself. Face so me of your own fears, plan your travels and go. Many of us have fears of flying, being alone and other things. When we face them, they are easier to manage every time they show up. Get in your car or book your plane ticket and go. This method of travel forces you to be brave and also to speak to other people and make new friends too.

Travelling doesn't have to break the bank either. If you aren't up for global travel, get in your car and head off to the next town. You might be surprised, pleasantly, by what you find and discover there.

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