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7 Questions To Ask Yourself In Your 50's

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It's the halfway point. Being slightly optimistic here on the chance that you get to live to 100. If you want to that is. But we're at the halfway mark. This is how I gauge it. First half of life is done and over with, last half coming up now. What do we do with it? Oh, so many answers to that question. And so many other questions to ask yourself as you move through your 50's.

I like to think that first 50 was learning, growing, evolving, changing and semi settling in to the real you. Once you've established that person, it's time to go live. Ironically and sadly enough, many divorces happen at this point. The turning point. The point where both parties have realized they are both growing, but in different directions. It's not surprising really. Sometimes, one party grows and the other one doesn't. Growth and change are very important.

50_s_birthdaySo what are some of the questions the 50+ people should be asking themselves as they trip through life?

1. What have I missed?

Did you miss something somewhere along the way? A chance to study something, learn a new language, meet your true soulmate maybe. Did you miss out on learning to play a new instrument? It's not too late. You still have time to go do all that and you should.

2. Am I happy?

Truly, are you? How do you feel day in and day out? Are you miserable everyday but throw in the odd fake smile here and there or are you smiling all day and life really is good? How happy are you, really? Being happy is a pretty important. No one deserves to live a life in misery.

3. Do I know what my purpose is yet?

Have you discovered your purpose yet? We all have one. We all have that one or two reasons why we are here. Our soul purpose, our life's calling. Do you know what yours is yet? You still have time to discover it. Lots of time. Go and do new things and see if something sparks a passion in you. Chances are, something will.

4. How much longer?

Do you have you to stay in the job you're at. Maybe you love your job and retirement will be sad. Maybe you can't stand your job and can't wait til the day you can tell your boss to, well you get the idea. If you are at that point of counting down days to the end, is there something else you can do to make work life more enjoyable? Remember we aren't stuck anyway, everything is temporary and money is only a means.

5. Do I have to?

Try to please everyone all the time? Nope you sure don't. You actually never did have to, you just did. It's your time now. It's your time to live your life the way you want. It's time to start breaking the chains and binds that are holding you back from the life you deserve. It's time to start making you happy and leave everyone else to their own defenses. You've been towing the line long enough. Let it go.

6. Can I really?

Yes, you sure can. Whatever it is you are asking yourself, if you can dream it, think it then you can believe in it and have it. Many of those in their 50's think they are too old to do or try new things. On the contrary, this is the perfect time for you to start and try new things. You are a sponge. A very happy eager sponge, ready and willing to take in all things new. Yes, you can really do new things, try new things and go new places, even if all that means by yourself. Face your fears, flick them away and go live life.

7. Have I been taking good care of myself so far?

If you haven't, it's never too late to start. You have to start somewhere right? If you have bad eating habits or drink or smoke too much or do anything else that is harming your body physically and or emotion ally, today might be the day to start to change all that. You're also in an age period where things are going to show signs of abuse, if they haven't already. Your skin, your heart, your teeth, your soul. All of that is starting to break down. You can get them back up again. do it.

Aging doesn't have to be dreadful and or depressing. Some people age beautifully. It's not the end of the world, in fact, a whole new world for you is opening up and showing itself to you. Embrace it.

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