8 Critical Reasons To Start Self Care Now

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I believe that many of us are natural care givers. We want to take care of our friends, our family, our children, people on the street, you name it, we feel them and want to help. Any way we can. Every way we can. In keeping with all this caring, we often neglect ourselves. Too many of us insist we don't have time to take care of ourselves because, clearly, we're just too busy saving the world, right? What we forget is that it is absolutely critical to take care of ourselves first.

For some of us, the level of care we give to ourselves is substandard. We eat, sometimes we exercise, we try to spend time with family and friends, quality time, and we try to have our alone time but unfortunately, we fail miserably at half of this. People need us. Well, you need you too. Your self is whispering to you to please take time out for you. Here are 8 reasons why you better start doing that today.

self_care21. You are NOT a super hero.

You are not indestructible. You are not immune to crashing and burning. You are a human and if you don't stop and decompress you will crash and burn and it may be harder than you would like.

2. You are important too.

Yes, you sure are. Your mental health, your energy, your self love. All that is very important to your well being. It's also very important to the level of care you can offer others. You can't pour from an empty cup.

3. Keep the love.

Many people who give and care too much eventually start to feel resentment towards the people they are caring for. When resentment sets in, you no longer enjoy doing what you're doing. If you spend a wee bit less time on them and more time on you, you will avoid resentment and keep love in your heart.

4. No doormat.

Remember respect is something that is earned and too often people will start to take advantage of your kindness and cross the line of respect. You've definitely earned it but there are those who are now taking you for granted and have lost it. Regain it by drawing the line. You are no doormat.

5. Who are you?

Caring and helping others is something you love doing but what about you? What are your other hobbies and interests and fun things to do? And when was the last time you did any of them?   Before you forgot what fun was, go out and have some.

6. Recharge your batteries.

They will run dry. Don't think they won't. You will eventually start dragging yourself out of bed to have to go and take care of others or run errands. Recharging can come in the form of a meditation or a nice walk in the park. Take some downtime. Grab your iPod, plug in your favourite tunes and enjoy.

7. Emotional and physical health are important.

So very important to each and every one of us. You may feel awesome today and think you are in excellent shape and health but that can quickly come to an end with no warning. Stroke, nervous breakdown, high blood pressure or stress can easily occur to those who don't take proper care of themselves.

8. Rediscover you.

Maybe there are other little things deep inside that are screaming to be discovered by you and unleashed but they simply can't, they are trapped, because you don't take time to allow them to surface. We are all slightly more complex than we think we are. There are many different parts to us. Discover all your parts.

It's time you give up that excuse you don't have time for yourself and start making time for yourself. This is the only life you have and you don't want to go through life not caring for yourself and then end unfulfilled and sad wishing you had done more for yourself, experienced more of life. Don't live with regret.

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