7 Ways To Honor Yourself After A Breakup

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Oh, how breaking up hurts. Not only that, it really does suck. The feelings we go through after almost consume every ounce of you. It feels nearly impossible to function day in and day out. Your heart hurts, your head hurts and every other part of you seems to just ache. It's downright horrible. But we all know it's only temporary. That still doesn't make it any easier. Is it possible to love and honour yourself after a breakup and while you are going through this whirlwind of dreadful emotions? Of course.

Let's go through a few ways to do this now.

Get Over a break UpYou are perfect.

This is a hard one to wrap your head around especially if you are the dumpee and your partner told you there are things about you that aren't good enough. Don't believe that and release that thought from your mind immediately. You are perfect just the way you are. There is someone who will appreciate you exactly as you are.

Date yourself.

Take yourself out on a date. Dinner, a movie or a night of dancing.   Get dressed up and get out and have fun. Do the things that make you feel happy. Go do something you haven't' done in a really long time that makes your heart sing. If you want to invite your bestie, you can do that too but make a date with you and stick to it. Take a whole day and be selfish. Which leads us to the next point.

Be selfish.

More than in number 2. I mean be really selfish. Go shopping if you can and buy a new outfit, or a new car! Think about only yourself and how magnificent you are. Remind yourself that you are the most important person in the world and take a whole day reveling in that thought. You are the best. Treat yourself like you are. often when we are in a relationship we forget about ourselves because we are too busy trying to make the other person happy.

Have a sorry for myself day.

Take a full day if you need to and just cry or scream or yell or throw a fit. Do whatever you have to do to get all the anger and sadness out. Full and hard. Don't answer the phone, don't go out (really don't go out), stay off the computer and no texting. Just you and your sad emotions. Feel them, own them, embrace them and then let them go. Cry and cry and cry and scream and yell if that's your thing. Get it all out.


Carrying on from number 5, turn off all gadgets. Be in the now, with your emotions. No distractions or possible texts from your ex or your ex's friends or even your own friends. Just be with yourself, alone with your feelings. Turn off the tv, the computer, shut off your cell phone and iPad. Turn on some music if that will help you a little bit.

Meditate, get a massage, or have naps.

Or all of the above. Do mellow, quiet and mind calming things.   Relax your mind and send your thoughts, all negative thoughts, out to the universe. You will be consumed by horrible negative thoughts for days and weeks, maybe even months after a breakup. It will be very important to take time to calm yourself and your mind and be at peace. It is in this place that you will find answers and relief.

Though breaking up is really hard and really shitty, it doesn't have to be horrible forever. Take time to do things for you and remember you are perfect and awesome just the way you are. Love yourself.

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