7 Top Tips To Get Your Prayers Answered

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If you're one of the many people who pray frequently but don't always get their prayers answered, then this article could just change your life!

And it doesn't matter what your religion is – or even if you don't have any particular religion but just rely on a Universal Power or Superconscious Being – this will work!

Follow these tips and get ready to experience miracles beyond your expectations…

prayers_answeredTip # 1: Have Faith.

There have been many true stories about people getting healed or experiencing miracles after they touched a "sacred" object or visited a "holy" place. In reality, there's nothing special about the item or site. It's their faith that provided the answers!

They could have easily attained the same result had they firmly believe that another ordinary material holds the same power as that of the "sacred" object.

When you truly believe in attaining what you ask for in prayer, your chances of success multiplies exponentially!

But how do you exactly increase your faith? One way is to recall past experiences when your prayers have been answered. Each time you pray and got what you asked for, it increases your confidence that your future prayers will get the same result.

But what if you don't have any successful experiences in the past yet? Then you get guidance and inspiration from the experiences of others. If you know people who attribute their success to prayer, then ask them how they do it. Engage in the same prayer habits or rituals as they do.

In almost any religion, you can also read stories of their prophets, heroes and saints who have conquered insurmountable challenges through faith-powered prayer.

Another way to boost your faith is to reflect on verses. If you're a Christian, you can recite verses from the Bible and make them your mantras.

You may also find inspiring verses from other spirituality or religion-based books, based on your own belief.

Tip # 2: Concentrate.

Some people pray half-heartedly, or while their mind is occupied by other things. And then they wonder why they're not getting any results.

When you pray, you have to focus on your prayer. That means being in a quiet place to avoid distractions. It also means you're constantly thinking about what you're praying for (and not thinking about anything else for the moment).

When you pray, you exert 100% of your whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state into it. (That means not thinking about the next football game, or what you'll be eating for dinner, what you're going to do tomorrow… you get the picture.)

Tip # 3: Put Yourself in a Positive State of Vibration.

Prayer becomes a lot more effective if you're in a positive state. And perhaps the best positive state you could be in is in a state of unconditional love and harmony.

Love God (or who/what you believe in) and love everyone and everything else around you… regardless of any circumstances.

Forgive people who have wronged you, and pray that they'll be blessed and guided into the right path. Don't let any negative emotions such as anger, hatred, greed, fear, or anxiety creep in when you pray.

Tip # 4: Be Thankful.

Gratitude is a crucial step to get your prayers answered. Appreciate all your current blessings, and also be grateful for the blessings and miracles that are about to come from your prayer.

Be in a state of expectation. When you expect and know that you will attain what you ask for, you will be thankful for it. That's why it's also important to feel that you're worthy of receiving such bountiful blessings. (You won't get something you don't feel worthy of having.)

Tip # 5: Let It Go.

One of the main reasons prayers fail is that people become too desperate to get what they want. This feeling of desperation translates to a lack of faith, which weakens the prayer.

Avoid thinking or feeling that your prayer must be answered at all costs or "the world is over".
This only puts you in a state of fear and doubt.

Just let it go. Release it. Go on with your usual activities and let God/ Higher Power/ Infinite Intelligence give you the perfect answer at the right time.

Tip # 6: Take Action.

When you pray fervently and let go, you'll often find yourself in situations that seem to provide the answer. Or out of the blue, you'll have a gut instinct to do something. Be alert to these signs!

When these coincidences come along or when you get the urge to do something, you have to take advantage and act immediately!

A major reason why people fail with their prayers is that they just pray and pray… and do nothing else. The signs are appearing and a little voice inside their head is telling them to do a certain activity, but they ignore it and continue believing that their prayer will automatically be answered without any involvement on their part!

Being sensitive to the "signs" and taking action is an important part of the prayer process. As the saying goes, "God helps those who help themselves."

Tip # 7: Unleash the Power of the Group.

Oftentimes, we pray alone. But if our intention is the same as others, praying together can be extremely powerful. There's something extraordinary about the collective power of people praying together for a sole purpose. Perhaps it's the increased faith, confidence, focus or gratitude… but whatever it may be, this combined force works miracles!

If your intention is personal and yours alone, you can still take advantage of group prayer by asking everyone you know to pray for the accomplishment of your purpose. The more people praying, the more effective it becomes.

Do these tips the next time you pray, and you'll get the answers and solutions you've been looking for… perhaps even by the time you finished praying!

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