7 tips to revitalise your gym sessions

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Making the gym more interesting

weight are excellent motivators for going to the gym
but sometimes it can be very boring. My workout in the mornings are;
treadmill for 12 minutes, abs 3 reps, biceps 3 reps, bench presses 3 reps,
legs 3 reps, bike 10 minutes and rowing machine 1000 meters. I started
looking at my workout when it became a little stale and frankly boring, so
this is what I have come up with to make the gym a little more interesting:


  1. Close your eyes. I close my eyes on all my exercises,
    except for the treadmill. This way I can visualise me being in the
    Olympics. When I am on the rowing machine I am sitting in the
    boat with Steve Redgrave as my rowing partner and my family are on the bank
    of the river cheering me on. I imagine my oars going in and out of
    the water and it can be very real when I'm in the zone. When
    I am doing my biceps work I close my eyes and imagine that the only way I
    can get my family back is to finish the last rep. When I am on
    the bike I am in the tour de France and again I see my family on the big
    screen cheering me on. This has the added benefit of strengthening
    your visualisation acuity. Visualisation is a great way to attain
    your goals see
    your life
  2. Vary your workout routine. If you are the type of
    person who does the same thing in the gym all the time, why not try varying
    the routine. Try reversing your routine altogether, if you normally
    finish with leg curls make this the start of the routine. This simple
    little thing allows your mind to wake up a little. I always imagine
    peoples brains walking into the gym like Elmer Fudd, shoulders drooping and
    saying "˜Same old routine, treadmill, biceps, leg curls, bike, walking
    and rowing' spice old Elmer and get him thinking for a change by
    reversing your routine.
  3. Try it with a partner. Someone else suggested this
  4. to me. I am the type to workout alone however I know a lot of people
    like a partner as a motivator. I think this is a good idea as it
    can be good to have someone cheering you on and just pushing you that little
  5. Watch the television. Most modern gyms have TV screens
    in them; why not switch to your favourite channel and workout to a little
    TV. This can help take your mind off the exercise itself. Pretty
    soon you'll have run a mile, burned 150 calories, lost a few grams
    and watched Oprah all within the space of 15 minutes.
  6. Listen to your goals. Last month I wrote an article "˜Change
    your life with a computer and a headset'
    if you tried this
    it means you can listen to your goals whilst at the gym. This
    is what I do every morning. Sometimes I zone out and don't
    hear them as I am visualising but they are still being heard. I think
    this is a great way to focus on your goals whilst getting fit and losing
    weight at the same time.
  7. Join a class. This can be an excellent motivator
    as you automatically try a little harder when other people are around pushing
    you that little bit further.
  8. Push yourself some more. When I first started going
    to the gym I was running at the same pace, lifting the same amount of weights,
    and rowing at the same pace. Now I tray and add a little every week. I
    used to run 5 miles per hour (a 12 minute mile) now I have pushed myself
    to run 6.5 miles per hour (just over a 9 minute mile). I have also
    managed to row 1000 meters in 4 minutes which was a great achievement for
    me. I can lift heavier weights, cycle faster, run faster etc. This
    is a great motivator for me as I am the type to push myself all the time
    and love competition.

These are only a few suggestions for making the gym
more interesting. Why
not share your gym tips and we can all be gym freaks in no time.


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