6 tips to slow down the world

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Sometimes it's an absolute nightmare trying to juggle everything we
have to do in a day. In the world we live in today we are available 24
hours a day. We work longer hours and take in much more information through
TV, newspapers, iPods, DABs, the internet, smartphones, billboards, magazines,
letters, junk mail, and e-mail to name but a few. Its information overload
and we are trying to juggle all this with our work, family, and playtime.

Our brains are amazing and we are amazing as a species. However sometimes
we've got to give our brains a helping hand and say enough is enough.

Here are some 6 tips to slow down the mad world for a few
minutes a day;


  1. Give yourself ten minutes at home and at work before checking your e-mails. This
  2. allows your brain that little bit longer to get into the swing of things
    and to prepare it for the day ahead.
  3. Take a lunch break. Make this a priority; I am amazed at how many
    people don't take a lunch break. I make it a priority to take
    an hour (54 minutes to be precise) every day. Turn off your
    mobile and go somewhere other than the office, this splits the day in half
    and it will set you up for the second half.
  4. If you are out and about all the time in the car, pull over to a nice
    spot, turn the phone off and just read for ten minutes or absorb the scenery. Despite
    what you think 10 minutes can be excused no matter how important you think
    you are to the company.
  5. Delegate as much as you can and concentrate on the important tasks. This
    is easier said than done, but try asking someone to do something for you;
    a voluntary agency, your children, your friends, your work colleagues etc.
  6. Make a "˜to do list' every morning and prioritise your work
    and tasks for the day. This gives a huge sense of satisfaction when
    jobs are completed and also motivates you to keep going.
  7. If it's too much just stop doing it. I recently took on too
    many jobs at once and was halfway into a project and I realised I was stressing
    myself, I was cranky with my family and it was because I had taken on too
    much. I decided to end a project for building a website for someone
    and apologised profusely and gave him back the money. He was
    not happy at all and told me so. I felt really bad but at the same
    time it was a weight lifted and a lesson learned.


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