7 Things You Can Do to Raise Your Spiritual Consciousness

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The consciousness of the planet is rising.

Gone are the days of living a life without purpose, of toiling the soil meaninglessly without conscious awareness of a greater destiny.

The strategies of the industrial age no longer apply to this age of awakening where people do not simply exist to be part of an assembly line.

7_things_you_can_do_to_raise_your_spiritual_consciousnessThat is why it is very important to raise your spiritual consciousness – as the late Stephen Covey of "˜7 Habits of Highly Effective People' have taught us that one will only attain true balance a program for self-renewal encompasses the four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.

By doing these 7 things, you will be able to raise your spiritual consciousness and live a life completely aligned to your destiny.

1. Drop all forms of dogma in your life

Dogma keeps us bound to strict rituals and lower vibrations.

A dogma is when a person believes in a certain ritual and has ignored the essence of what something truly means.

Many spiritual teachers taught us the way to live life. But that doesn't stop their followers from forgetting and distorting the true meaning of what they were teaching and prioritizing the messenger more than the message which is what essence is all about.

By surrendering attachments to dogma, we can truly allow the natural flow of the universe to fascinate us and welcome diversity and true beauty in our lives.

2. Set time to be alone in nature

Withdrawing from nature can sap the life out of our spirit and turn us into walking corpses.

Living in concrete jungles and cubicles is not the way human beings were meant to spend most of their lives.

Even just a few minutes a day in the open air with our feet in the grass drawing energy from mother earth can truly help us to raise our consciousness.

3. Connect authentically with others

There are times in our lives where we need to be professional.

But most of the time we need to connect authentically with others and have meaningful connections.

A big temptation of the 21st century is to blame social media for the breakdown of meaningful connections.

But if you look deeper, social media is merely a vehicle.

It's what people do with it that is the problem.

They just didn't want to connect deeply in the first place and they use social media as a substitute for shallow conversations and voyeurism.

Using social media as the scapegoat is like saying money is evil when it is actually neutral.

On the contrary, it's easier and cheaper to connect with others than ever. Skype is a good example.

When you set the intention to connect authentically, doors will open up for your soul.

4. Being present

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present"

People can become preoccupied with the past and regret their actions for what they wish they had not done or wished they should have done.

People can also become obsessed about worrying for the future as though the apocalypse is coming.

While the past and future have their place, the only real control we have is over the present.

Being present helps us to stay aware in the now.

Do not squander the present moment by worrying about the future and reminiscing the past.

Not being present turns your present into the past and regret sets in about the wasted time, just as obsession about the future wastes today's time and the future will catch up with you eventually.

5. Practice random acts of kindness

A spiritually conscious person recognizes that we are all the same.

We are all one.

If the human race is represented by a body, helping another human being is no different from the hand helping the feet when the feet is wounded.

The hand doesn't say, "You are the feet and I am the hand. I have nothing to do with you as you are not me."

When one part of the body hurts, the entire body suffers along with it.

Likewise, random acts of kindness helps us to reconnect back to the simple joy of being one with the human race.

6. Prioritize your passion in your life

When a person says they have no time for their passion, it means that they are not truly passionate about what they say they are passionate about.

This is when a person is disconnected from their spirit.

Our spirit is designed to enjoy our passions.

True passion will allow people to pave a way to it.

We like certain things for a reason and there is nothing more consciousness raising than being immersed with what makes your heart sing.

7. Truly live life instead of living in theory

In the movie "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty", Ben Stiller plays a character who lived all his adventures in his head.

He didn't have the courage to truly go out there and live his adventures.

Living in theory and concepts is merely a shadow of what human life is capable of.

The actual journey may seem long and hard, but the rewards of truly living and experiencing will awaken your spirit to your true nature and be truly alive.

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